Wednesday, April 22, 2015

It's Okay, that I'm Loving, What I am and Pinning what I do.

Confession time, I was going to do an "It's Okay" post today but I couldn't find my button so you are stuck with a what I'm loving/pinning because that's what I found and I that's okay. :)   I am just combining everything because that's how I roll. 

What I'm loving: 
Sadie checking on her chicks 
Yep they are still there. 
Sleepy heads 
Ries checking on the chicks 

My dogs woke me up at 3am this morning and I haven't been back to sleep, so right now I am loving my coffee. 
Btw, the dogs woke me at 3am because they wanted to see the baby chicks.  Smh, talk about mama hens!  

This hutch: 
Decisions, Decisons 
I got it in am auction and honestly didn't think I would end up the highest bid by a long shot.  Naturally, now o have to figure out what to do with it! 

The British: 
I am sure most people in Great Britian do not have Union Jack emblazoned 3 piece suits and most haven't been waiting for the birth of William and Kate's baby (hope it's a girl and they get Diana in there somewhere) outside the hospital for a week even though Kate is still at home and comfy.  I am sure most haven't made up songs for a girl/boy but the ones that have kept me laughing at 4am and made me say outloud "the British are funny and strange people" to which my husband grunted. ;-) 

I occasionally write a tongue in cheek blog about being a step-monster but honestly I think being a step mom is the hardest thing I have ever done.  I could write a book on pre-teen drama, emotional collapses, and smart mouths and that's after 7 months of marriage but I realized the other day after a blow up, hers then mine, when I sent her to her room and she came out to apologize to me, she and I communicate well.  She opens up to me and even though I feel like she doesn't respect me, she actually does because she trusts me.   Now with pre-teens the emotional roller coaster runs in about a 48 hour cycle meaning there is a total and complete meltdown every 2 days but, I am super step monster and I am ready! 

The 2nd 6 months of marriage: 
I am not going to lie, the first 6 months of marriage were hard.  We went through a lot of changes in our life and neither my hubs nor I are the most easy going people in the world.  Truth be told we are both really stubborn so we spent a lot of time holding our respective ground the first few months.  The last couple of months we have seemingly learned each other's quirks and managed to stay off each other's last nerve.   In other words, I feel like we are working together now as a team more than ever.

Unicorn Spit

I am so in love with this package that the Unicorn Spit folks sent! How cute is it?  I can't wait to try this stuff out.  I just have to finish the current project which is almost done and then this box is in use. Oh, and wait until you see my current project.  My Facebook people probably figured out I totally adore the piece I am doing right now!

Have a Pinteresting Wed: 

I feel like after the ups and downs of the last few weeks and all the rain, rain, rain, what I need is some inspiration! 
I tell my hubby this a lot.  One of these days I am going to get around to making one of these signs! 

Made to Order Rustic Wooden Pallet Sign - I Love You to the Moon and Back Wall Decor Children's Room Nursery Decor Family Room Wall Art
It's Okay:

I'm going to throw an "it's okay" post in because that's what I really wanted to do today.  

It's okay that social media randomly follows, unfollows, or re follows people without my consent.   Twitter will just randomly unfollow people from time to time.  This morning I noticed Bloglovin had re-followed at least one blog I haven't been following in well over a year.  I get to the point where I question myself briefly, "was I so sleep deprived or drunk (no) that I could randomly follow or unfollow someone?   I have been known to do really crazy stuff on Ambien with no memory.  Wait, I stopped taking Ambien a year ago because hubby hated how I would have no memory of entire conversations. Um, I don't think I followed or unfollowed these folks so it must be the crazy world of social media. 

It's okay that it seems to rain all the time.  Our lake levels have risen 10 feet in 3 months.  Since they were over 12 feet low 3 months ago, that is a really good thing.  

It's okay that my almost 12 year old kid came in last night and asked if she could take a stuffed animal to school with her.  She is in day two of standardized testing and she can't decide if she is a little kid or not.  So she told me she was picking the stuffed animal that was least baby like then asked me if I could guess which one she picked.  I said, "Your camo bear." Nailed it.  

It's okay that watching sports just doesn't seem as important to me as it once did.  Honestly, work is stressful, my home life is full, and time is precious.  Right now I would rather listen to a Rangers game on the radio and paint than sit in front of the TV and veg.  

It's okay that I had this post ready to go at 6am and I am still not posting it until lunch.  I got busy today and sometimes that happens. 


Andrea Nine said...

Oh my goodness, your "It's okay" was so spot on. This following crap is crazy. I try not to let it define me because it's beyond some of our control. How sweet about the camo bear and I totally get it, sometime, especially during that dreaded testing, our kids need comfort! Happy Wednesday sweet mama!!

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

Happy Wed. I am so glad I am not the only one that craziness happens to! :)

Trish W said...

Wait, Kate's having another baby?!?! Where have I been?? LOL

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

Lol good news, you haven't missed it yet...any day now!

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