Wednesday, February 4, 2015

It's Okay #1:

It's OK Thursday was one of my favorite blog links but it's been a year or more since the final link up and I can't live without it so I am dusting it off.  Join me if you feel like it.

Here's what is Okay with me this week:

Pretty much
Printfection makes this shirt and it's Okay that I feel like they were thinking of me when they printed it.   If I had a dollar for all the times it wasn't my fault, I would have $5.00.

It's okay that since I have gotten married basically the only jewlery I wear my engagement and wedding rings.  I don't take them off and I just don't think about jewlery anymore.

My V-Day gift is the 2nd band 
It's okay that I already am wearing my Valentine day present right?

It's okay that my fingers look so incredibly fat!

It's okay that I am now on idea number 3 for the coffee table (which used to be a dining table) I am refinishing.  You may never get the DIY blog I planned but I just can't seem to get this stupid thing the way I want it and I refuse to rest until I do.

It's okay that I am super tired of the games people play.  I am just going to do my thing my way and be true to myself.

It's okay that I am trying to get a business started (not the blog, don't worry) and that I am frustrated with the lack of time I have to devote to it.

It's okay that I am probably not going to be at Rangers Opening Day this year.  I have been every year for about 10 years.  Okay, maybe it isn't okay but it is a fact I can't change.

10 Most Popular Haircuts of All Time>> My style, back in the day- I had this cut and loved it, "the Rachel" :)
It's okay that I want to start a campaign for a FRIENDS reunion by cutting my hair in "The Rachel".  God I miss that show!

It's okay that I am feeling alienated from almost everyone use to know.  I don't particuarly know why but I just feel like I am on an island somewhere.

It's okay that my Whole 30 has gotten a little off track in the last week.  The superbowl was not my friend when it came to eating.

It's okay that I have way better ideas for this post when I am driving down the road then I do when I sit down to write it.

It's okay that I seriously have an addiction to Pinterest.  I get a ton of useful DIY projects, recipes, and dangerous  useful ideas there and I just can't stop!

It's okay that I have spent a lot of time and energy on this blog lately.   I feel like I have finally gotten into a groove and I have gotten some amazing feedback.   I am constantly looking for ways to improve the blog so if anyone has any suggestions or something just really bugs you about my site, send me a note.

It's okay that this explaines exactly where I am in life right now.

~~Actually need to quit thinking like this, it tricks me into believing its okay to stay where I am now!! ..... And it IS NOT!~~

So what's okay with you?

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