Monday, February 16, 2015

Manic Monday: 50 Shades of entertainment

Texas may not be under Blizzar conditions but we woke up to freezing rain this morning in DFW and we expect possible ice tomorrow.  The metroplex will virtually shut down with all of our bridges and overpasses should be get ice secretly I am kind of hoping for ice.  Today has been such a Monday.   Sadly, I had so many great ideas for a post for today and I can't recall a single one right now!  Typical.

So instead I thought, because I had shared some kind of deep stuff and sappy-emotional stuff lately, I would share something lighter.  

50 Shades of bored:
I don't understand the fascination with this book series at all.  I tried to read the first book and got maybe halfway through before I  tossed the book across the room put the book on the coffee table and buried it under a pile of magazines never to be seen again.  I just couldn't care less about the characters and I found the writing so lacking there was no way I wanted to invest another moment of my time in that book.  It was a good remedy for insomnia but I heard some single lady on the radio say she has read the series 4 times because she just loves it and I can't help but think, what am I missing?

Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Episode:
I have to admit that I loved almost every minute of the show.  I came in about 45 minutes late and I really wish we had taped it.  I enjoyed the look back and the memories so very much.  I was a little confused about why Chris Rock spent more time talking about Eddie Murphy then Eddie Murphy spent talking and I laughed at myself when I literally sighed in relief that Miley Cyrus had cloths on but I felt so overwhelmed by Paul Simon's performance and I was just glad Paul McCartney is still around.   I totally get that Kanye West has made his career pushing the box but could he not just turn it off for one night?  This wasn't suppose to be a night about how weird Kanye is and yet the main drawback to the whole show was Kanye's performance.  Actually, the main drawback was that Kanye was invited to perform at all.   Aside from that it was amazing seeing all the stars from the past and I absolutely had to hold back tears when I watched the tribute piece to those SNL has lost over the years.  So much talent has come off that stage.  So many laughs.  Is there anyone alive who hasn't been touched by SNL?

Gone Girl:
I read the book first and watched the movie Friday night.  I thought the performances were good but considering I knew exactly how screwed up these characters were to begin with I found myself putting up barriers as I watched the movie.  I did not want to get reinvested in these people because I didn't like them the first time.   I did think Ben Affleck made Nick Dunne a lot more likable in the movie, which says a lot about the fact that leaving out the first person point of view helped redeem Nick a lot.  There is still nothing about Amy Dunne to like. It is a strange thing to hate the characters, not really like the book and although I did kind of enjoy the movie in the end, I feel like it is a good read and the movie was worth the time invested.   I can't explain it but I guess it becomes about being fascinated with the train wreck and not being able to stop looking combined with knowing that inside we are all just a little bit less mentally sound than we appear to be.  Some of us, like Amy, do a really good job of hiding just how disturbed we are.  Most of us, just feel on the edge at times and walk slowly away and coming back to normal.

10 BOOKS YOU MUST READ IF YOU LOVED 'GONE GIRL. Didn't love Gone Girl, but like this list!
The Walking Dead:
I have to admit, I haven't caught up since it came back 2 weeks ago.  I didn't realize it was back and when I planned last night as my catch up night, I ended up watching SNL instead so, please nobody spoil it for me.

South Park:
I know this is stupid.  I know this show has been out for 15 years.   I know, I know, I know, but I never watched it until......Joe.  Now I can't get enough of the stupidity of it.  Seriously, I think I fall asleep to South Park almost every night. I laugh at some of it.  I cringe at a lot of it.  I roll my eyes at most of it but every once in a blue moon there is a little piece of gold hidden in one of those stupid cartoons that just makes it worth it.   The characters just make me laugh and that's okay M'kay?
South Park. (:    ...BTW, GET YOUR SOUTH PARK APP:

I wake up to CNN because life isn't life if you don't know what ISIS is doing and that is just sad.  I wish I could just forget them.  Don't we all?

What I am looking forward to:

Game of Thrones:
Just waiting...waiting...waiting.

What I am reading:
The Monster of Florence-I really enjoyed this true crime novel about a Jack the Ripper type muderer in Italy
I first heard about this book when I was reading one of the many articles I read in the last two months on Amanda Knox and I have been putting off reading it only because I have it in paper not on my iPad.  This means I don't get to read at night in the dark like I prefer because the hubs is asleep so it is harder to find time to read.   I am not far in but I am loving this book.  I will do a review, evantually. Someday, but it has sex, murder, mystery, and I am only a few chapters in but I can promise you the writing surpasses 50 Shades...of anything.

Alright, I hope everyone is having a safe, warm, and dry Monday!   Happy Fat Tuesday Eve as my Lousiana friend just reminded me.

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