Sunday, February 8, 2015

Weekend Recap: Galvanized Goats

the new pipe I love with my whole heart 
When we moved into our home in September we found out we had galvanized pipes running into the house.  This was a surprise for a few reasons.  First was because galvanized pipes were not used in homes after 1965 and our house was built in 1970.  The thing about country living however, is building codes don't really apply.  What happens with galvanized lines is the pipes rust from the inside so the water slows so much you get hardly any water coming in the house and what you do get has rust in it. Yuck! I should have taken a picture of the nasty line but you would have been so disgusted.  When we first moved in, I thought our commodes had not been cleaned because of all the rust stains. The master potty literally looks like it had doody in it. Blah! 
The large whole my husband dug
So my amazing husband had spent a lot of time digging and putting new lines in and this weekend he and a plumber friend of his finally hooked up the new line so we have good water.  No rust.

Phil the tarantula 

We keep finding these things in the yard. My step-daughter somehow convinced her mom to let her keep this one so she named this it Phil and it is temporarily a resident in my garage until she goes back to her mom's home.  Needless to say, I will not be walking around my yard without shoes ever again! (She decided to release Phil at the last minute and her mom, a science teacher say Phil is a very rare breed if tarantula...lucky us!) 

He came to running up to me
Saturday while the boys worked on the plumbing I went with some friends to the Mckinney Farmers Market called Chestnut Square and made a couple of new buddies.
then his friend joined 
These goats were so friendly and let me pet them.  Aren't they sweet? We actually have a goat pen in our back yard so getting a couple of these is on out to-do list along with some chickens.  Just call me farmer Laura.  Well, not yet but someday! What's the point in having an acre and a quarter (plus 64 acres of land out east) if you can't have goats and chickens and lions and tigers and bears? Oh my!
they were fighting over me!

I finally moved the table back in to the family room and I totally love it. I mean, hubs even likes it and the man gives compliments about as often as it rains in Texas. Step daughter even likes it and she hates painted furniture.  I am telling you this piece is amazing in person! 
My wonderful table 
I spent a lot of time watching Fixer Upper this weekend and realized this is a Joanna Gaines style table so I am feeling pretty good about myself now.  I love her and her style.  She does a bunch of distressed stuff in her decor and without realizing it, I saw three or four of her tables that were similar so I breathed and said I must be ok if she does it.  Plus, she is just so cool! 

My style is not typical by any means.  I am not afraid of color.  I mean, hello, I have a red and teal kitchen but my husband is a little more traditional and this is his room so I am trying to give this room a little more of a man feel. Rustic and chunky.  Well, the penguin is totally me.  I LOVE penguins!  Husbs is much more earthy however.  He likes green and brown and colors you find in nature. 

Sunday night I found myself fascinated by color trends for 2015.   For example did you know that Marsala is the color of the year but that other color tends include a deep lovely vivid blue and olive green?  I am so excited about using these colors on furniture pieces this year I can't stand it! My creative juices are flowing but I am equally excited about gray and cream and black.  I am just completely in love with salvaging old, worn pieces and making something beautiful.   I wish I could afford to do this full time.  Maybe someday! 

So how was your weekend? 

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