Friday, February 13, 2015

Baseball Talk: Opening Day Fashion Talk

*Let me just say that if you support another team (shame on you) these styles probably come in your teams too and if you want to look on the links you can find them there.  BOO!

Spring Training is fast approaching and that means one thing, it is time to dust off your Texas Rangers gear and start thinking of what you are going to wear to Opening Day.   Now for men this is simple, a pair of jeans or shorts and a red or blue Rangers T-shirt and cap.  Women however have a very different problem.  We want to look pretty.  We want to show our team spirit and still be comfortable.  Baseball season is our chance to look good and show off our Rangers pride.  Baseball season is almost here and it is time to start planning.  Seriously, you can not get your Opening Day outfit ready soon enough.  You want to look good for those tailgates and that first pitch.  Nobody wants to be passed out in the parkinglot sitting in the stands cheering looking like a slob.

  So I did what I always do, took to the internet via and a few other sites that have become my favorite and drooled over the new Rangers gear (and pinned them for you because I am nice like that) and told myself that I will find something in the 300 shirts I still haven't worn.   Okay maybe it is a few less but I swear there are shirts I still haven't worn.

Here are some of my favorite baseball looks:

Texas Rangers Women's White Double Play Pullover Hoodie T-Shirt

It will still be cold on Opening day so a sweat shirt is probably going to be required wear.  This one is just too cute.  You won't need it for long here in Texas but gosh darn it, when you want to be warm and cute, this says you are a fan and you look good doing it.

Texas Rangers Women's Flourish Tank Top - Royal

This is my absolute favorite tank!  I love the damask on the back and I am just keeping myself from ording this, for now anyway, by reminding myself that my husband is going to shake his head.  Gosh this is adorable.  I WANT!

Texas Rangers 5th & Ocean by New Era Women's Opening Night Pinstripe Tank Top – White

I have a t-shirt that is very similar to this tank, in fact, I don't think I have ever worn it.  Hmmm.  Anyway, I love the Texas Rangers meets Chicago Cubs style.
Too cute!! Texas Rangers embroidered shirt, hairbow and bow legwarmers. I love this. My daughter will be dressed similar at some point :D
Cute BABY!
Because the littlest Rangers fans need to look good too.  How sweet is she?

Texas Rangers Baseball is upon us, ladies....and random gentlemen with Pinterest

Definately the Opening Day shirt to have if you are a Dude and the Ladies would look smashing in this too!

Baseball: Opening Day - Texas Rangers, created by getsnazzy on Polyvore
Complete look!

Now I am not a "wear heels to the ballpark" kind of fan because...real fans do not wear heels to the my Opinion, with the exception of my friend Trish, who has been known to once or twice, but she wears heels everywhere.   So if any of these looks I am showing you have heels, forget that! Also, it is Texas and you will not catch me in Uggs.  That is just stupid. I don't even wear my cowboy boots to the ballpark.  Those are for Country Music Concerts, thank you very much!

Texas Ranger Outfit!!!
Say no to the shoes!

Jeans are probably going to be needed on Opening Day because it is usually too cold for shorts.

I Heart The Texas Rangers Outfit

I have my own personalized Toms but there are lots of options on Etsy like this if you don't and you can always make your own!
Texas ranger toms on Etsy, $100.00

Of course, you should also be carrying one of these:
Texas Rangers Cupcakes by SweetNothingsPhotos, via Flickr
Because they are just too darn cute...that is if you can manage to not eat it.  My gosh those look good!

Now, I have to admit something here.  I have Texas Rangers earrings, necklaces, handbags, shoes, t-shirts, and bracelets so pretty much by the time Opening Day rolls around I am a well accessorized walking billboard for our boys of summer.  I may go a tiny bit overboard if that is possible.  I like to overdo it just a little.  I have been known to paint my fingers and toes Red and Blue.  I feel very patriotic!  By the time Opening Day rolls around I am in full blown "We need to petition the United States Government to make this a National Holiday" mode.   I may be a fan.  

I can't wait to smell the grass, hot dogs, beer, peanuts, and hear the crack of the bat, ball meet leather, and the roar of the crowd.  There is nothing like Opening Day, except the World Series.  The World that is a feeling you do not forget!

Let me get serious just for a minute:

My husband accuses me of loving nothing more than him except baseball. He was teasing, of course and it isn't true.  I love hiim more than baseball but baseball is a romantic sport for me and I can't wait to feel the passion again.  I lost the passion last season because I was so wrapped up in my life, wedding and moving.  I didn't have time for baseball.  I am significantly cutting back on my baseball time this year and that is okay too.  When you priortize your life, you make room for things that are important but you put the things and people that are most important first.  My family is obviously the most important thing in my life but my husband knows that baseball matters to me and he is a wonderful and supportive man and he is making room in his life for the things that matter to me in the same way that I am trying to make room in mine for the stuff that matters to him.  That is what marriage is about, right?   

Okay, end of serious, so tell me, what are YOU wearing to Opening Day?


Bobbie Gross said...

I'm ready for baseball season too. I can't wait to watch the Cardinals play with my hubby.

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

I'm still not over 2011! LOL.
I wish you a happy baseball season!

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