Friday, August 9, 2013

Rangers 2013 so far so good:

Normally by this time I have dropped a Halfway point photo bomb on y'all. I am super busy at work this week and thanks to my sweet dogs waking me up at 3:55am today I am laying in bed awake right now so I thought...I don't want to really write much but I can drop a bunch of pictures on you and say TGIF and oh by the way have y'all notices my Rangers are playing some nice baseball? Just saying. :-)

My baseball family. Love them!

Ok we were actually watching a game! This was a girls night out! It counts!

Ok this is really just me before I was going to the drunking booth at work but I wanted to see if you are still hanging in there??

Ok, yes this is Rachel and me in our hats from Brad Paisley but we looked cute so deal! Lol

These are throw back photos of the triplets from 3 years ago at a Rangers game. I know it's not Thursday but so. They make me laugh. It was a Cubs game and the girls were heat beat! Lol

And since nobody cares I thought I would let you know...these are the boots that won my heart. I'm going to run by Cavender's and if they don't have them...I will order them this weekend. This being a cowgirl thang ain't cheap. Neither is being a mountain biker girl...or a baseball fan girl....maybe I need to give something up? Nah.

Happy Friday!
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Katie said...

Haha-- I love that Nolan Ryan cowboy bobblehead.

Rachel said...

Fun times!! I will always be thankful to the Rangers (and Twitter) for introducing us!! And I LOVE the picture of us in the cowboy hats. HOTTIES!!!

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