Sunday, November 18, 2012

Monday's Blog: Facing Reality

I had a terrible weekend. I didn't get to ride because I hurt myself last week and I needed to rest the injury. This left me stuck at home with too much time to think.

Here is what happened with all that time to think. I discovered that someone I care too much about just really doesn't care about me. Yes, I said it. I have had this pointed out to me over and over again by friends and strangers. I have cried my last tear over this. The fact is, this person never was with me, not really. He showed up for me once and after that he did everything he could to push me away. That's ok. (If you are reading this, you are off the hook. You don't have to pretend anymore. We are good. I will always respect you and care about you. Thank you for the part you have played in my life.)

Someday someone who actually earns my feelings will come into my life. When he does, I will spoil him and he will spoil me back. Until that man shows up, it's my turn and it is all about me. I am putting me first. I will become the person I know I am and in the end, I will be happy and strong and beautiful.

I'm not sure I will blog anymore this week so if I don't Happy Thanksgiving.


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