Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Anniversary Bike Blog!! With some Thanks!

Me and Skye at North Shore!

Let's face it, I'm in a relationship with my mountain bike. Honestly, I love her. She may be my best friend. When my baseball team fails to advance, Skye is there. When work sucks, Skye is there. When it rains, Skye and I sit sad because we can't ride.

We are celebrating our 3 month anniversary by going out on North Shore tomorrow during the day and seeing how far we can go. Saturday we will be at Horseshoe with Khrystal and Sunday if my legs hold out I may take her out to Rowlett or Arlington. IF my legs hold out.

I spend a lot of time with this bike. First I have to thank my friend Brannon for pushing me to get a 'real' bike. (All your talking about biking may have made me want to ride a little, too.) My Trek makes me happy and while she won't be my last bike, I can't imagine not having her in my life. I love this bike. I didn't buy the cheapest but I didn't go all out for my first 'real' bike. I made a really smart choice.

I have to thank my friend Khrystal for being willing to be my riding buddy and go out on the trails with me whenever she can. We always have a great time. She is even scoping out a crazy new park to ride by her house with some interesting decor!

Next is me for being a little bit obsessive. It's true. I am just crazy for this sport. I wish I had been doing it for year instead of only three months but time will pass. I read articles and try to learn when I am not riding so I can become a better rider but doing is the only way to go. There are some things I still can't make myself do.

This bridge at North Shore! I just don't have a clue how to get over this. It is coming off a drop and I can make the drop but I get to those tattered rocks and walk.

Also this climb at North Shore. What you can't see in this picture is all the rocks. Honestly I have issues with rocks. I can make it over a few but when there are a billion I freeze. I just don't know what to do. Climbing is hard enough but climbing rocks is just mind boggling. Now, I have watched several men do this with no problem. They do it with ease.

Actually, to be honest, men do a lot of things with ease on a bike and it annoys me. I realize they are stronger and bigger and blah! I don't care! I want to be able to do that stuff too!!!

I get a little frustrated at times at the fact that I can't do everything yet and I have to have a talk with myself. After all, three months ago two very nice men found me on North Shore mostly dehydrated and laying in the middle of the path. That was my first ride. I have come a long way. The dips that freaked me out that first night don't even phase me. The stumps that made me shake my head with wonder I have jumped a hundred times. Nothing really bothers me except the rocks and eventually that will pass and I will become a stronger rider.

Tuesday night I rode into the dark. It is something I have to start getting used to. Night rides will become necessary next week with the time change. I have a light and it isn't bad but I want a helmet light too, I think. Also, I am really not fond of snakes and the idea that they are nocturnal is not pleasing to me.

Last night I rode earlier and I had a nice yet exhausting ride. I broke three personal trail records. I am pretty happy with that especially because my legs are always a little more tired on the second day. They don't like the climbs as much. That's life.

I wish I could explain the rush of going down a dip into a creek and back up. I wish I could feel the freedom of wind in my face as I go down a hill around a curve and back up the other side. I wish the beauty of the trail and the surprise of coming around a curve and seeing a deer and knowing she is just as surprised as me or the humor of the bunnies hopping away or relief I feel when I fall and see the stick isn't a snake were easy to get on film. You just have to trust me! I am relieved and that deer was very surprised!

I also need to thank my non-riding friends and family who listen to my excited talk and texts. Especially my friends Rachel and Chance who let me go on and on!

I still have bad rides. I still get passed. I still don't have the confidence I need to do everything and I still get frustrated but every ride I push myself a little more. Every ride I make myself take a little bit harder route. Last night as I was riding another rider came up behind me and I pulled over and he looked at me and said "You're doing good!" I don't know why he said it but it made me smile. I am doing good and I will only get better!


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