Monday, November 5, 2012

Mobile Monday: How about some Mountain Bike Madness?

My weekend was divided between trails.
Friday was North Shore Trail:

This is the part of the trail I crashed on in August. (Not with my Trek, pictured)

And this is the road I was laying on when I was 'rescued'. I was really excited when I made it that far.

And more excited when I found this little bit of heaven. This is the most amazing spot.

I sat for a good time thinking how I could live with this view! I had a hard fall and survived although I think my scream almost gave a jogger a heart attack. I would have kept going but I started getting really stiff and sore after the fall. (I fell on some bumpy rocks. Totally my fault. My pedal hit the rock.)


I met up with my girls Khrystal and Julie at River Legacy in Arlington. This trail is just pure fun! (Nobody told me it was purple tank top day!)

Here is Julie totally owning Papa Bear! She is the cutest thing when she makes it she always says "I did it!"
Khrystal was volunteered to be our leader (I hate riding in front) and she kicked our butts making sure we rode at a 7-8mph pace the whole trail.

Saturday Night was family night at my mom's house.

The triplets wanted to make funny faces and they are the happy recipients of all of my Halloween candy so I was one very happy aunt!

Sunday was Horseshoe trail which I rode twice! I love this trail.

These rocks kick my butt but I am making progress in getting over some challenging spots I hadn't conquered before now...including

This hill. It is the very end of the trail. (There is a bypass that is easier). I rode this for the first and second time Sunday. This is the bottom (above).

This is the same drop from the top. It is amazing and fun and frightening all at the same time but I finished like a crazy woman and rode it upright, thank you, both times!

These are probably my three favorite trails. I love them! They are different from each other and have challenges and craziness and fun! (I also really like Rowlett Creek Preserve.)

North Shore and Horseshoe are both really sandy in spots so I promise if you see me on the trail you will hear me mutter "I hate sand". You may also hear me yell out "Boom!" When I make it over something I have been struggling with. I get a little excited!
River Legacy is just a winding mass of wonderful plus Fun Town (the hills) and EKG (Climbs and drops.)

So, that's my weekend! How was yours?


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