Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday's Blog: Weekend Update and Weight Loss Update

Friday night I had my first night ride at North Shore. A few observations:
-My night vision is terrible.
-Even with lights on my handlebar and helmet seeing is an added challenge!
-Things in a dark wooded area look and sound different at night.
-Keep your mouth closed at all times when riding with a light on your head. (Unless you really like eating bugs.)

Cool story:
By now if you follow my blog you have heard me mention my first, disastrous ride of August 1 at North Shore. If you read my It's Ok Thursday blog from 8-2-12 you know about Mick and Chuck and how they rescued me when I was lost. Friday night I was riding North Shore when a man came from behind me and I pulled over. I'm a slow rider and I get in the way of all the fast boys. The man who was behind me stopped to make sure I was okay and I explained I just pulled over so he could pass. He thanked me and started off but stopped. He looked back at me and said: "Hey, did you get lost out here a while back?" I laughed and said "Yes, was that you who rescued me?" He said "I thought it was you! You got a new bike! Yes, it was me and another guy."
Now, I am positive it was Mick I ran into. He is the one who gave me the water and he talked to me, giving me pointers. How he recognized me three months later in the dark much less remembered my bike is beyond me! I just was really happy to see him and get a chance to thank him again! I also laughed to myself that Chuck would be getting a call that went like this: 'Hey, remember that crazy woman we rescued a while back? I ran into her out at North Shore Friday. Crazy woman is still riding!' Not really, he is one of the nicest guys. I feel really lucky to have met them that night!

Saturday was more riding. Rowlett Creek Preserve with Julie. We had a blast. There was also Longhorn and Irish football.

Later that night was my brothers 40th birthday bash. He teases me because I am older. I tease him because he looks older!

Here is my brother, mom, me and my step-dad. The kids are coming over for a family party later. My brother's girlfriend did an awesome job with the party!

Sunday I rode North Shore in a slight drizzle. I was very careful riding for a couple of reasons. First everything is slippery when wet, especially roots and rocks. Second, I wanted to make sure the trail was okay. Just because the trail was open, doesn't mean it can't be damaged. Luckily the ground was very hard and no damage was done. (I promise, Brannon!)

Skye got a little muddy but not too bad!

I got a little muddy too but the trail was fine! No ruts. It really wasn't very wet. Most of this is from going through the creek which was a little higher because of rain.

Okay, I promised a weight loss update so here it is: I have lost another 2 pounds since starting Weight Watchers two weeks ago. 4 pounds is a healthy weight loss. This is what I keep telling myself because I really want dramatic results! They will come in time. I really can tell the biking is making a huge difference in my bottom and legs. Now for weight lifting. Boo!

So, how was your weekend? Happy Monday! Let's get it!


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Rachel said... this Mick guy hot? I can't remember if you mentioned it last time or not. ;)

That's a good picture of you with your family!


DoxieDoodle said...

It seems like Mick is nice looking. I honestly couldn't see him well Friday because it was dark but my memory is that he was cute. Now I have no idea if he is single or not and the chances of running into him again seem pretty unlikely. He is the nicest guy and he was definitely the more friendly of the two.

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