Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wednesday Blog: Fight and laugh!

You all know may remember that I lost my dad to lymphoma when I was 5. My dad was 27. This weekend a co-worker of mine lost her battle with breast cancer. She was 39 and has 5 children, the youngest is 6. Cancer sucks and so forgive me for being a little sad today, it is her funereal. This is in honor of Maria and my dad and my grandparents and all those who lost the battle against cancer and all those who won and all those who are fighting! Fight on! Let's beat cancer!

Okay, a few funny things I pinned too because I can't leave you all sad! We will beat cancer! Believe!

I need this shirt! My brother is always telling me I'm crazy. I'm not crazy. (I'm not weird either, for the record). What I am is silly and funny and me! However I do love this shirt!

This just made me laugh!

Hehe! For my Harry Potter fans!

Sometimes I may or may not feel like this!

There were other funny things but the language was pretty bad so I won't repost them. (Even though they made me laugh!)

Have a good day today! Tell someone you love them. Don't take anyone you care about for granted. Don't waste time you may not have! Be happy!!


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