Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wednesday Blog: What I'm Loving on Pinterest

Honestly I have a hard time choosing on Wednesday most days if I am loving something or finding it Pinteresting. I can't choose  today so I'm combining them.

Most of the pins I save to my phone are saved because I text them to friends.

I have one or two who share my love of vodka!

I also have a few friends who are Ding Dongs or Twinkies.

This shirt is!

This is so completely funny!

My friend Chance makes me think of Harry Potter.

This is like every guy friend or ex-boyfriend I ever had. It just makes me laugh!

This reminds me of a couple friends....and me.

So true!

Shake, shake, shake!


I adore this! For my daddy!

We do it. You know it. It's what makes us awesome!

So true!

So very funny!

What I'm Loving:

I am so loving and very proud of my Fighting Irish. If you know me, you know I went to the University of Texas. If you knew me when I was 17 and going to school you would have known Texas was my second choice. Notre Dame is always number 1 in my heart. Texas is 1a, now. I love both my schools. I told a friend the other day if I met the perfect man and he was a Sooner, Aggie, or USC or Michigan fan I would have to think twice. Yes, it is that serious!

I'm also loving my friends Chance and Khrystal for being there for me when I needed them.

Finally, I am love, love, loving salted Carmel mocha coffee. Way too much! I drink way too much!

If you are traveling today, safe travels. If you are cooking, I hope you have someone to clean up after you!


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