Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween Blog!

So I risk ultimate humiliation wearing my bike cloths to work. They don't really um, flatter my hips! I dressed up like a mountain biker, complete with injuries!

And of course my Trek!

Everyone kept asking me to ride in the office. Um, no. There are no mountains, stumps, switchbacks, and no trees for me to hit so why?

I had a ton of fun painting fake blood and bruises and dirt all over me & giving myself a shiner! Best of all, I'm dressed to hit the trail right after work so I can't wait. Have to take advantage of the daylight while I have it. Boo night rides. I need a second light. More on that tomorrow.

Happy Halloween!
I just realized....I don't have any candy at home for the kiddos!! Ugh.  I guess I will pick some up after I get off the trail. Is it wrong that I am buying something I won't eat?  Maybe suckers.


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