Thursday, October 25, 2012

It's Ok Thursday Blog Update

I would link up with Neely and Amber but it is just too difficult from my phone. You get the idea.

It's ok:

-that I am now obsessed with this custom built bike company (Black Sheep) I read about on DORBA today. They make the most beautiful bikes I have ever seen. They build each custom and it takes months. In other words, they cost a sweet penny.

But man are they pretty!

-that I have started to hate seeing rain. It never fails to fall when I have a ride scheduled. Like, today!

-that I am blogging from my doctors office again. I need a rescue inhaler for my asthma so I can live with the cold air.

-that I love sleep. Who doesn't?

-that I am totally in love with my iPhone. I was truly afraid I would hate it. I may never leave again! The battery is awesome and this comes from a woman who never had any battery on her droid & carried 3 back-up batteries!

-that everyone is giving me crap about Notre Dame this week. When you love two schools and those two are two of the most hated schools you live with the jealousy. Is it my fault I was born a good(ish) Catholic girl in Indiana and grew up with the Irish? Is it my fault people hate the University of Texas where I went to school? No and no!

-that I am afraid to turn on sports radio because whenever I do another local player somehow ends up out this week. Dirk, Sean, Delonte! Enough already!!!

-that now that the Yankees and Cardinals are out of the World Series I don't care who wins. Just hurry so it will be next season!

That's it for this week. What's ok with you?


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Rachel said...

The rain has stopped for now (at least here). I'm sorry you are back at the doctor's office. :(

I agree about baseball season. As much as I wanted the Rangers to be in the WS, I'm glad they didn't suffer a 8-3 beating. I forgot what it was like to watch the WS and not have knots in my stomach! :)

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