Thursday, October 18, 2012

It's Ok Thursday

Finally it's Thursday! It's been a week!
I am sitting in the doctors office now waiting to get some better stuff for poison Ivy/Oak because my right arm is now all pink and itchy on one side and driving my crazy plus it is now on the left too. If it doesn't really spread I don't understand why it has spread but whatever. It's not really ok but I am trying because I know it will go away, someday.

It's totally ok that I am obsessed with iPhone covers ever since my new phone arrived. I spent a lot of time last night browsing and these are some of my favorites:

Every girl loves her shoes!

Yummy Chocolate Cupcakes!

I wish this one didn't feel so masculine because it is perfect!

I think I may get this because I just love it!

And this! My babies!

There will be a baseball one sometime!

Will always believe in LIVESTRONG because cancer sucks!

Ok so it's ok that I want a different cover for every day of the week, right?

It's ok I didn't buy any either. I have a lovely navy and lime green Otter Defender that is protecting my iPhone from me!

It's ok that soon I want to take a weekend and do nothing and talk to nobody, isn't it?

It's ok that I love the song "A Little Bit Stronger" by Sara Evans and listen to it every morning even though nobody has broken my heart because I still feel like I am stronger every single day.

It's ok that it is really hard for me to spell ok without spelling it okay?

It's ok that I have to stop and think still about the difference between then and than but have no problem with to, too, and two and if I use the wrong one it is a typo which drives me nuts!

It's also ok that I still try to see the best in people and want to believe in the good they did and not get wrapped up the negative always. Call me silly if you want but in the end, I believe it is the good that matters.


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Rachel said...

I love the Audrey iPhone covers you texted me. They were awesome!! :)

I'm all about having a weekend to yourself- the mental breaks are refreshing!!


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