Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday

I found myself obsessed with kissing last night. No idea why. It's a good thing to like, I think!

Ah, Rhett Butler!

This is just funny and kind of true. Once you have been single for so long, it's almost pointless to not be. For the right man I would give up but he isn't here.,,,yet.

Yes I have a Mountain bike board. This is kind of my dream next bike. It's a little pricy but I love it! Full suspension, 29er. So pretty!
Trek Lush SL.

I totally get this! Decorating with bikes seems logical! I'm thinking of doing something like this myself! I actually keep Skye in the house. She doesn't belong in a garage with bugs!


This is simple fact!

This is truth. Just be happy, it's a choice!

I believe we all have the power to change the ending.

I am going to be this little old lady!



I try to make this happen!

Finally to Lance: no matter what, there are those of us who just want to thank you for the $500 million you have helped raise for cancer research. As someone who has lost way too much to cancer, for me, you will always be a champion.


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