Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Blog Update: Groovy Tuesday

I decided to make some serious changes last week. After losing about 80 pounds I have been stuck all summer gaining and losing the same 10 pounds.

The truth is, I have gotten lazy. I quit tracking my food. I spent a lot of time eating ballpark food because I wasn't prepared and I found myself hungry at times where I either didn't have anything healthy or I just felt like chick-fil-a or worse, a burger. Now, I know that losing weight is 80% what you put in your mouth and I am pretty active. I usually get at least 5 hours of activity in a week or more. Becoming a mountain bike addict helps a lot! It never feels like working out because it is so fun! It is a tough workout, don't misunderstand me but so much stinking fun!

So I decided to join Weight Watchers last Friday. I knew this would make me be more careful plus I really like the idea of eating lots of fruits and veggies to satisfy my hunger. It's almost like a game. I just started this points program and it takes a little getting use to plus on days where I ride for an hour and a half or two hours there is just no way to eat all those extra points. I'm banking them for a margarita someday!

So Sunday I decided to hunt down a Weight Watchers friendly something sweet. I love sweets! Ice cream is my favorite but I also love anything chocolate. I am a big fan of fruit cobblers so I was really excited to find a recipe that included stuff I already have.

This is a mixed berry cobbler and it is really pretty good. It uses one vanilla cake mix, 24 oz of frozen berries, and a can of diet sprite. Basically you dump the berries in a pan, cover with the cake, pour the sprite all over the top and bake at 350 degrees for 30-ish minutes. Next time I make it I will try with a sugar free cake but I didn't have that at home. As it is, it's only 4 points per serving. Yum!

Okay, y'all wish me luck! I'm not sure how much I will blog about this but I will think about maybe adding the Fitness Friday back.

Here are a couple photos I took as I was leaving Northshore Monday night. This is from the parking lot and actually overlooks the boat dock. Sharing because I thought it was a pretty sunset!

Happy Tuesday!


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