Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Blog Update: What I'm Loving Wednesday! Horseshoe

I posted some pictures of Horseshoe Trail last Monday but I was out there last night and finally figured the trail out. I kept losing the trail at the same point the first two times I rode. Last night I figured out where it picks back up and man am I glad I did. I was missing the best part of the trail and by best I mean kick your butt hard and fun.

Here are some photos:

I wish I had taken some of the lake but I was running out of light and they would have been dark.

Speaking of loving I love my new tires!

I was so excited last night because I realized some of the things that were making me a little scared were greatly reduced simply by putting the new tires on. It also helped the ground was still a little tacky.

I started reading this book after my doctor recommended it. This is my regular doctor but she has been my MD for a long time so she knows me. She suggested this could help me move past some of the negative things I say to myself. The truth is, I'm not very nice to me. This book has helped so much. I haven't finished but I already catch myself turning my self-talk around.

Okay, that's all for this week. Maybe soon I will have something exciting to share.

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