Monday, October 1, 2012

Mobile Monday Blog Update! Yes, I actually still blog! (Kinda)

Without going into a long story, work is a little crazy and my free time is very limited. Most of my lunches are at my desk. I snuck out today just to stay cheerful! So here are some of the photos I have taken over the last week or so since I last blogged.

Old tires in this photo

These are all photos of Horseshoe trail which is becoming one of my favorite places to ride. First because it is close to my house and second because of the lake. I'm still a beginner so I like this trail because I haven't figures out a way to get lost. That last picture is Horseshoe Trail Rd which, for the most part, is closed to all but foot and bike traffic but runs through the trail which crisscrosses it meaning, I can find my way out!

Is it odd I keep my bike here? Actually I am slowly working on cleaning out my spare room. I just don't feel right putting her in the garage. Anyway, look how pretty she looks with her fancy new tires! I can't wait to actually get to try them out. The trails are soaked from all the rain.

Friday night Veronica, Khrystal and I went to Western Days in Lewisville, to partake of bad food, beer, and free country music. Brandon was with us but someone had to take the picture. Thanks B!

Honestly at this point I don't know which band this was.

Saturday rain cancelled my plans for a tour of Oak Cliff Nature Preserve. Next up: Boulder. I'm a little intimidated by Boulder but barring a Saturday playoff game...oh, whatever I will be riding it Saturday somehow.

We did go back to Western Days so I could have some of this stuff! Yay.

Sunday was my friends, my baseball team and Yu!

Here I am with Khrystal......

And Rachel! (Gosh, my hair is getting long finally!)

Well, that's about it! Rangers have one game to clinch the West and we start all over. Pray my friends and I survive.

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Micah said...

Your bike is purty. I'd keep her inside too.

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