Wednesday, June 8, 2016

What I'm loving Wednesday #1 of 2016 Really?

Hey there party people.  Happy hump day! Is this really the first actual "What I'm Loving" post I have done this year?  I can't believe it!  I should be on my way to work by now but I thought I wold stop in to my blog and say hello and share a few things I am loving this week.  Ready?  

*I am going to start writing for our local backyard chicken coop tour blog.  Yep, me.  I'm super excited.  I get to interview awesome coop owners and find out all about them and their chickens!  Now for those who don't know, I always intended to be a journalist when I graduated high school and went to college but that plan went somewhere out in way left field.  

Speaking of chickens how cute does Patches look in her saddle?  Now aside from being a totally fashion forward hen, this saddle is protecting her back feathers from my frisky Roosters.  Patches and her hen friend Ruby are the favorites and they pay with missing feathers.   

Baseball is making me very happy right now!  The Rangers above and the Cubs below, are trying to make my dream World Series happen! 

*Yu Darvish the Rangers pitcher who returned from surgery and Juricksen Profar who is a shortstop but has also played second and now first is also returning from surgery and both have been very good.  Yu Darvish is probably my favorite current player and I am so happy with the idea of Profar moving to first that I tweeted this last night: 

*I am loving that the dogs got a bath last night.  They needed it!  

And I am loving that mama hen Lemon takes her babies out and shows them the lay of the land and important stuff like the garden.  Of course being kids, they don't listen! 

So what are you loving? 

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