Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Things I wish I could ask my Grandparents

Maybe it's because of the wedding but I have found myself crying all morning because I miss my grandparents. I miss all four of my grandparents so very much. I find myself wishing I could ask then some questions about life some really important and some just important to me. Here are some things I would love to know:

-how do you set up and keep a compost pile?

-how do you live with a man for 30 years and not kill him?

-how do you learn to agree about stupid things kitchen appliances without it becoming a discussion? Why can't I just have my kitchen? I'm not making suggestions on outdoor tool and grills. Just let me do the house, please!

-I want my grandmother'a recipe for the "Don't fence me in" cookies that nobody can find!

-how do you get past the annoying things you do that make each other crazy?

-kids...how do you raise them to turn out well? Help please! I mean none of my parents or aunts and uncles ended up on drugs or alcoholics.

-house cleaning tips. Come on you didn't really spend all day, every day cleaning, right? There have to be things you did to make it easier and fast. I saw those gardens!

-speaking of gardens I want to grow those tomatoes you use to grow. I haven't had a good one since any of you grew them.

I am sure there are twenty two other things I would ask but mostly I would just tell them I miss them and love them.

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