Monday, December 1, 2014

Today I will....

This is where we spent Thanksgiving.  We had a wonderful 4 days and's over. :( 

So today as I reflect I decided to find a positive post idea and decided Today I will: 

-ignore the critics, 
They are very good at throwing all your faults in your face and pretty bad at seeing their own. 

-feel pretty, 
I spent 4 days in the woods without running water so anything is an improvement in feeling pretty! 

-love first, 
No matter how hard it is sometimes, today I will love first.  

-stop nagging: 
Here is the thing about nagging, it does no good.  You put the other person on the defense and any chance you had of getting a point across fails.  Related to this, 

-not say all the sarcastic little comments that come into my head, 
They hurt the people I aim them at and that is probably what I want in anger but not later, 

-take a walk,
Especially if I am upset...walk it off. 

-work in my Christmas tree.   
It's up but the decorations aren't finished. 

-Tune out the negative, 
I am going to ignore it today.  Sometimes you realize the negativity is just suffocating you.  You either ignore it or you leave it behind altogether.  

-eat right,
Because Thabksgiving is a day, not a month! 

-be myself,
Like me, hate me, whatever.  I am me and I like me, the way I am.  If you don't, there's the door. 

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