Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Love is....

Love is wearing your wedding jewelry to work just because it makes you smile.  

Nobody could ever find her here...
Love is laughing at your dog who thinks this is hiding.

country charm
Love is making a Christmas wreath that shouts him not you.

Love is him putting up with my obsession to get the tree right.  Something that I work on until Christmas Eve.  Seriously, this was a week ago.  I forgot the ribbon so the whole thing has been redone since this picture.

Love is looking up recipes that remind you of cookies your grandmother use to make because some of the recipes are lost in time.

Love is cooking porkchops a food you really don't like much because he does. 

Love is him lighting candles for you on a random weeknight just because.

Love is your mom bringing you back this from her trip to Indiana.  (Out of fairness I should state that I have a ton of Texas Ranger ornaments and three or four Texas Longhorn ornaments on the tree.)

Love is a baby, who came down to save us all from ourselves.  Love is a man who sacrificed his life so that we could have eternal life.  Love is not perfect but it do any fail.  

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