Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Decorating to make a home.

We have been in our house for 16 months and in that time, I have been on a constant mission to make my house a home.   I don't know about you but for me, feeling comfortable in a house is what actually makes it a home.   There are big things you can do like painting and tearing up carpet.  (Been there and done all of that and still have more to do!)   But there are also little things you can do like picking out wall hangings, clocks, kitchen gadgets, and DIY makeover products.   This is what I lovingly refer to as the fun stuff.   It doesn't require me to get dirty and my hands aren't covered in paint so this, for me is easy-peasy.

Remember how I told you before, a million times, that I am not afraid of color?  I love colors that make me happy and that is why when you see my kitchen you find Turquoise and Red everywhere. My coffee pot and mixer are red and the kitchen is sprinkled with little bits of red here and there to make it feel cohesive.   With such a retro 50's feel I wanted to find vintage looking signs but I didn't want to pay for real antiques because, seriously, I can't afford it.

So I turned to my go-to shopping spot for just about everything and anything, Amazon.   Seriously, I have been known to buy stencils, paint, books, chicken vitamins and treats, (yes they have them) and my Kindle and all the books there.  I can't get enough.  

So here is a look at some of the fun additions I have made to my retro house.  I love, love, love every one of these things.  

The Eat Here Sign and the Rooster Brand Coffee sign are perfect in my country kitchen.   I have to be honest, I love these signs so much, whenever I look at them, I forget that I haven't had them for 65 years.  They feel like they are right out of the past!

And my little Chicken Fresh Eggs sign makes me smile whenever I see it!   I laugh because she is laying blue eggs which means she is an Ameraucana chicken.  We have 5 of them and they actually do lay blue or green eggs.   I love that it is real.    Incidentally, that red shutter is one of the first things I painted in chalk type paint and it was the first time I used wax and not glaze.  It seems like I have been doing it forever but truthfully that was made about a year ago.  You want sappy?  the key chains hanging off are not real keys, they are tags I made with our wedding date on them.  Yep, that's me, the hopeless romantic!

My husband saw these letters and shook his head but I love them.  It is the kind of thing that reminds me of home decorating shows and my step daughter saw them and wanted to know where the "O" was.  I just laughed and told her there is an "O" on her wall that I bought her a year ago so hush!

Can you believe I actually haven't painted that wardrobe?   I know it is so not now but I actually like the pine in my bedroom and I am worried about having too much painted furniture.  Yes, I am addicted to painting stuff to make it look new, but this stuff is not beat up or rough looking and I really feel like you need some pieces that remained stained and not painted to make your house feel warm.  If you are worried, know that my bed is black.  I didn't paint it black, however, I bought it that way.   For the record, it is hand rubbed black and very rustic but beautiful.  You didn't think I was that off my rocker, did you?

If you love my stuff you can find links below.  Yes, they are affiliate links but the prices are exactly the same, I promise.  

Okay so that's a little of what I have been up to in the redecorating ideas but what about Valentine's Day?   Well, I have some discounts for you below if you want to by your significant other a gift or just by yourself something pretty.   If you are like me, I usually have to order my own gifts because super hubs just never knows what to get me.   Please tell me what is so hard about finding the sparkly stuff?  

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Alright, happy shopping everyone and if you find something wonderful, come back and share what you got, I may want it too!

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