Thursday, January 7, 2016

Virtual Paint: The app that has taken over my life!

The Room Currently

The Home Depot Project Color app has taken over my life.  Okay, that isn't true, just the downtime I manage to carve out in an otherwise really crazy start to 2016.   Happy New Year, by the way.  I hope you all had a safe and wonderful start to the year.  Me?  I got bronchitis because nothing says ringing in the new year with wild abandoned like coughing up a lung!

Anyway, if you follow along in my blog at all, you may have picked up on the fact that I am forever trying to redo something in my house, be it furniture, floors (argh!  The worst but at least we finished one room!) or walls.   To catch you up, the week after Christmas we spent putting new floors in our family room.   I didn't do a good job going over this process and I intend to write a more complete blog on the transformation sometime later but for now, you can see the finished product above.   

Okay, so first of all, I don't hate the grey-green paint on the walls but the previous homeowner had some rather large curtains that she took with her (it was written into the sales contract and it was fine because the window treatments were very much more her than me.)  With the removal of her window treatments there were holes in my walls and I prematurely decided to fill them, leaving white spots.   I tried to color match the spots and have failed miserable.  I cannot find the right grey-green and short of taking a chunk of paint off the walls, I am stuck trying to repaint the room.    This brings me to my issue.

A little more grey
I can't pick a color.   You see, I want to channel my inner Joanna Gaines and make a dark room lighter but with the big brown leather sectional (which my husband insisted we have and which I had custom made with really expensive leather because if I am going to be stuck with a leather sectional, I want one that will live forever!) taking up one entire corner of a long but narrow room, I am struggling with finding the right color to lighten the load.

A little more Green
This brings me to the Home Depot Project Color app.  With this app, you load a photo of your room into the app and then begin to virtually paint away.

Some of these colors listed were things I would love to do, in another room, some were just messing around with the color that looked pretty much like baby diapers or something of the sort.
Feeling Blue
My biggest problem is that the colors that I think look the best in this room, are how should we say it?  Dark.  I mean really dark, like Dark Vader dark.    I have exactly two natural light sources in this room, the window you see kind of peeking out of the right side here and a glass door all the way on the other side of the room.    Have I mentioned that this room, the only one in the house that doesn't have hardwoods but concrete sub floors, is the original garage?   Because it is the old garage there are some nice little features like a white wall of brick in the room.  It kind of makes it feel special and a little more country.  You know, because the dead animals on the wall don't really make this feel country enough already.  Not to mention the floors I picked which are clearly rustic.  Then there is my crackle finished coffee table, actually my old dining table that we cut the legs off and I refinished. Yes, I am that girl.

Well, anyway, whoever did the addition decided to put one small window in this puppy and I am assuming the door on the other side was the original door to the backyard.   Anywho, this leads me to my issue of trying to lighten the room with paint and it looking like virtual, crap!

And Green

And golden baby poop colored

Or grey again 

Blue Grey

Something Greigeish 
Channeling a Fixer Upper Color
These paints, by the way are all Behr colors and there is no favorite among the ones I have above, although I would love to use that last grey color in my formal living room.   The taupe color which is a more beige greige is probably the one I lean toward right now.   

I plan on playing with this app when we get around to choosing a paint for my horrible, 1970's peach brick on the outside of the house.  Why, oh why can't Joanna just see this blog and send me an email telling me the perfect colors to paint my room?   Seriously, I think I have mentioned before, a billion times, she is my style idol.   I told my boss yesterday, I am the slightly older, much fatter version of Joanna with a lot less talent and hubs is the slightly older, balder, bad mouthed version of Chip. (Hubs can make a lot of things mind you, but I am pretty sure he can't do everything Chip can do.  Then again, don't know if Chip can fix my AC so I guess I will keep Hubs.)

Okay, everyone go download this app to your phone and commence virtual redecorating in your house!  Just for the record, I have all these color names saved.  It gives you the option of seeing the paint chip and getting the name of the color so you know what to ask for.  How awesome it that?

Alright folks, again, hope you are having a great 2016!    Also, stay tuned for a furniture redo blog coming up hopefully in the next couple of weeks.  I have a project that as soon as I can breath again, is going to take center stage.  It is for the room above so I am pretty excited about it!

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