Monday, January 25, 2016

Country weekends: Calm, Relaxing, and...oh who am I kidding?

We had a busy, busy weekend!  I really need a weekend to get over it. 

I finally got my mixer!  LOVE!!
Friday started out running around town, Target and Walmart were tops on the list.  We found a sale on the Kitchenaid Mixer I have been drooling over for months so I was finally able to get it with the use of a gift card and the sale, I ended up just having to supply $20 and tax.   What I am saying is that when all is said and done and with the gift cards that have been just sitting there doing nothing since my wedding a year and a half ago included, I got this Professional mixer, the one I have been begging for the last 6 weeks,  for $39!   Even my husband couldn't complain about the money on that.  So what have I made with it?  Mashed potatoes.  I know, my hand mixer is probably easier for that but I just wanted to try it out.  I may take those brown bananas and make banana bread tonight after I run a sales call. (See last paragraph for more)

My town has a tour of coops every year.   Now, my coop looks like crap right now because we have plastic over the windows to keep the chickens warm in the frozen winters.  Okay, it hasn't been that cold but that wind will surprise you.  Texas gets down into the 20's at night.   Anyway, I had to send them some photos.  I apologized for how bad it looks currently but the tour isn't until the spring which gives me plenty of time if we are included.

Our coop is a little different from what you see on Pinterest.  No chandeliers, no house feelings.  It is functional and it is safe.  However, I have done a little to make it cute.   Mostly with signs.

The pink and green colors were for the kid but I may end up repainting it this summer.  I think a nice white and may some darker trim would be good eventually, although I don't really think the chickens agree.

They seem pretty happy.   We are starting to ready our garden so I have to find a way to keep the little monsters out so we can actually grow veggies.  We managed to get the onions in and they have left them alone so far, so that's a positive.

Saturday we went and picked up trash along the farm to market road we live on.  You would be shocked at the things we found: Bras, dirty underwear, pants, shirts, shoes, needles, tons of beer cans and a lot of fast food slop.   It made me seriously consider how the little stuff people throw out the window, not thinking of it, creates a huge mess.   We must have had at least a full dumpster full of stuff when it was over and we only went about a mile up and down two sides of the road.   We really could do this every weekend for a month or two and still not get it all.   After we cleaned the road coming into the town, I cleaned up my front yard and found another half a trash bag full of junk thrown out into my yard.   My husband is pretty good about picking things up when he sees them so this was mild compared to what it would be if we didn't stay on it.   I think the biggest thing I learned it people don't have the respect for other people's property that they should and that they use to.  

After all that it was the usual, more errands, taking the kiddo to a sleep over, and making dinner.   I live the dream people!

My family room has a very lodge like feel. 
Sunday we met friends for breakfast, ran even more errands.  Seriously, how do people find the time to do all the stuff that needs to be done?  We picked up 1000 pounds of sand...yes you read that right, and hauled that back to the house. Went to the Chinese market where you can see some of the most amazing and sometimes frightening things ever.  Next we spent part of our day. before the football started, dipping water out of the pool by the bucket.  Don't be jealous.  I know you can't imagine anything more thrilling, neither can I.  Honestly though, the chickens loved the worms that came up because of all that water!
Later,  I decided to make some wall art for hubs (above).  This is for our family room but it is really  more his room.  I try to make it comfortable for him with "man" things around.  The way I figure it, I have the rest of the house so this should reflect him and be his space.  I have been reworking all my rooms and the places I hang things for several weeks now, trying to avoid painting the walls yet hiding the left over reminders of the previous owner.   It isn't that I don't want to paint as much as I don't have the time.   Anyway, these two canvas were created using stencils and paint and I love how they turned out. I just need to find some rustic frames for them to complete the look. .

I found this little lady waiting on me at my office the other day.  Isn't she adorable?   I love her.  I am totally into vintage signs and rustic looking metal so this was perfect.

The above is something I got a few weeks ago Amazon. Just an aside here, I am addicted to Amazon Prime. Free shipping and they are fast.  The only issue I have with the letters is that I really want to hang them on my bedroom walls and they don't have hangers so right now they are just sitting on top of this cabinet.   Hubs said he can makes holes for me so they can be hung, once that happens I will follow up and let you see how that works. (The family room and the master are two of the rooms I don't have time to repaint right now.)  My style is somewhere between rustic country and vintage if that makes any sense at all.   I kind of think of it as Joanna Gaines with color.(Not as cute and certainly no where near as skinny or talented.)  My walls are not white or grey and I think I would be bored if they were.  I would love ship lap walls but I would probably stain them and not paint them white and I really want barn door in my bedroom but right now, I just want the house to be DONE! 

Excuse the garage lighting. 

Okay, finally for that dry sink above.   This is a piece I refinished a while ago and have had just sitting waiting for the right buyer.   I had one lady really interested and she wanted it but it ended up being too short for her purpose.  She was going to use it in a bathroom as a sink.   I may have finally found a buyer who really wants it so we will see.   As you can tell from the mixer photo,  it was painted to match my kitchen cabinets and I love the piece but I have several things in the works and no room for them so I have to learn to let go if someone wants to buy the piece.  *Tears.

So, how was your weekend?  Did you do any fun DIY or community projects?   Did you enjoy football?  GO Broncos! 

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