Monday, February 8, 2016

Super Bowl Weekend: Photobomb

I was confident Peyton would silence the haters!
We decided to have a few friends over for a Super Bowl party Sunday which meant that I spent my weekend cooking, cleaning, and driving everyone crazy.    Finally though, the food was done, the house was scrubbed and the time was right to cheer on Peyton Manning, who is one of my two sports man-crushes.  (Dirk Nowitzki of the Dallas Mavericks, is the other).
and so was Hubs!  He just can't make a normal face!
Super hubs grew up a Broncos fan and became a Cowboys fan a little later.  The Cowboys are his team but he has a decided soft spot for the Broncos.  I grew up a Cowboys fan and became an Indianapolis Colts fan in adulthood because they are sort of my team by default.  The Colts moved to Indy when I was a kid, after we had already moved to Dallas, but I always cheer Indy teams after Dallas teams.   It just seems right.  Anyway, that is when I fell in sports-love with Peyton Manning.

So hubs and I dressed in our finest Peyton is a Bronco shirts and I twisted his arm for selfies.  

And the kiddo dressed in her cutest football jersey because she didn't care who won but wanted to look good.

We had 2 TV's set up but somehow, everyone ended up huddled around the little one until we kicked them into the other room.   Monica, Julie, and Lynn are my Rangers girls from way back.  During the course of time we have inherited husbands along the way and so Jonathan and Mike were hanging out, and keeping it real.

Not pictured: I forgot to take photos when Jennifer, Scott, Sophie, and Sherry were around which was just dumb because Scott brought the cheesecake and you must keep the man with the cheesecake happy!

Sadie wanted in on the picture, or maybe she was just thinking hubs had a treat, who  knows?

Julie is actually the realtor who sold my old house and helped us buy the one we are in now.  It is the first time she has seen the house in a year and she got to see all the changes I made and we talked about things I still plan on doing.   Plus, everyone got a tour of my furniture, live and in person, so they could check out my passion, obsession.

The good news for the ladies is, well, it is baseball season officially in like now, but technically, 9 days when Pitchers and Catchers report.

So I cooked a little and we ate a lot.....okay really we had stupid amounts of food.   There was pulled pork for sandwiches, grilled chicken, and smoked ribs.  We had potato and corn chips, pretzels, french onion dip, spinach artichoke dip, queso dip, buffalo chicken dip, salsa, guacamole, chex mix, cheese with regular and glutten free crackers, jalapeno poppers, sopapilla cheesecake,  brownies, cookies, potato salad which I kept forgetting about and 2 kinds of nuts.   Looking at this table makes me thinks I was all kind of nuts to cook so much darn food.   One thing you can now and always have been able to say is nobody ever leaves my house hungry, at least not from me trying to feed them.

But there was something that stole the whole party. 

My chickens were a huge hit.   They were not nearly as excited about being loved as everyone was at loving them, but they all survived.

And got babied.

And seriously, if you don't have a chicken butt shot, you are doing it wrong.

Congratulations to Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos.   Nobody does it better and nobody deserved it more!

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