Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Mom Shirt

Mom Me! 

Do moms have a shirt?   Apparently they do and this is it!   I took the kid shopping last weekend and found this top on sale for half off.   I loved the colors and since my husband has mentioned more than once that he is tired of me wearing the same things to work and the same tired 200 Texas Rangers t-shirts all the time, I figured why not?   

When I was checking out, the cashier at Khols said "this is a mom shirt"!  My immediate thought was, well that's kind of rude. I got the shirt because I liked the colors, knew they were good colors for me, and let's be honest, the shirt was 50% off.  I bargain hunt.   However, I was standing there with my 12 year old step daughter and a few thoughts hit me.   First, technically, I am a mom.   Second, at least she didn't say it was a "grandma shirt" because, had I popped at kid out at 20, I would probably be a grandma now.  Let's be honest, my grandmother was younger than I am now when I was born, the first of her 4 grandchildren.  I could be a grandmother, in reality.  I am old enough.   

So this got me to thinking, do moms have a uniform?   Remember 'Mom Jeans'?   They look like this:
While taking an afternoon stroll in London, Kendall Jenner breaks the rules — and almost breaks the Internet — by making mom jeans the coolest denim silhouette around. This is how you do it. #refinery29 http://www.refinery29.com/2015/07/90132/kendall-jenner-mom-jeans-outfit#slide-1:
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Now why on earth Kendal Jenner is rocking them, is beyond me and pretty much I wish I looked half that good in my "mom jeans", seriously.   These jeans were cutting edge in like, 1992.  If you had these jeans and 'The Rachel' haircut you were most likely a smoking hot 20-something.   I didn't even know they were making a comeback.  Does this mean I can go through my closet and pull my acid washed denim out again?  Can I finally get 'The Rachel' haircut?  I missed that chance in my 20's because straightening my naturally curly hair was too much trouble back in the day.  Are the 90's coming back?

I WANT!! Slub Yoga Pant! These look so comfortable:
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I just assumed that most moms now a days rock yoga pants, at least until their kids are in school, even when they shouldn't.  Let's be honest, I have no business in yoga pants with my big hips and middle but on the weekends, I have been know to wear them while grocery shopping,  cleaning the chicken coop, painting a buffet, table, chairs, cabinets, desk, bed, dresser, pictures, whatever I am painting at the moment, because really, they are cheap and who cares if I get paint on them?   Heck, I have even been known to wear yoga pants while I do yoga in my home.   Really!  My husband even bought me a pair.  They have camo details, naturally.  

So mom fashion, is it a bad thing?   Well, let's examine mothers.   They give us life.  They usually are the ones that cook meals for the family.  They probably do most of the grocery shopping, cloths shopping, house cleaning, and furniture painting.  Oh, that last part may be me.  They probably learned how to be a mom from their mother who is now, you guessed it, a grandmother.  Most of them probably do all the stuff above while working outside the home.   Have you ever known a mom to put herself in front of her kids?   Most moms usually don't.  Motherhood is the last, great martyrdom of our society.   They do crazy things like bake stuff for bake sales and run around to sporting events, school meetings, FFA functions (whoops that is probably mostly me too) playing shuttle bus driver.   They take care of kids, dad, dogs, chickens (me again) and whatever other animals head their way.   

Seriously, I haven't slept well since I married my husband and became a wicked stepmom. There is always something to do, somewhere to be, or something to worry about.  There is always some drama going on at school, home, or on the bus that causes you to scratch your head and think 'this isn't the way I remember childhood'.   An aside here, I do not envy kids today.  they are forced to deal with so much more than the kids of the 70's and 80's did and their peers are stinking mean.  Not only are they mean but they have smartphones and because the kids are mean and stupid, they do stupid things on smartphones.  I am pretty well set in my opinion that kids today deal with way too much, way too soon and it is just getting worse, but I digress.   

In looking at it realistically, mothers are sort of modern day superheros and what superhero doesn't have a uniform.   So, IF my shirt is a mom shirt, I am taking that as a compliment.   I always wanted to be a superhero.  

Do you have a mom uniform?    Are you a mom superhero?  

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