Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Circle of Life:Birthday blog and all that stuff

Yesterday was my birthday and I spent the morning honoring the life of someone taken far too soon.

The amazing thing about spending time reflecting on a life lost at 26 is not noticing what he didn't get a chance to do but realizing how many lives he touched and how well he lived in the time God gave him. Not one person who knew Sean will ever forget him and not one person will ever say they were not a better person for having known him. He was a young man with passion that was evident and he put that passion into his work. He also had a level of knowing what's right that isn't always displayed. He was truly a good guy and that is what every one of his friends at work have said to me. They love him, they are guys and they can't say that so easily. They say what a great guy he was and how shocked they are.

What I realized again is that everyday we have a choice to live or not. To do our best to make amends, make good choices, and most importantly live out life. Letting stress and worry eat you up isn't going to get you there any faster you are just going to be miserable while you go. Sean's last lesson to me was to stop worrying so much and just live life again. There are a lot of things going on and I had become consumed by the things instead of the moments. Thank you dear Sean for reminding me, the moments are to few and to cherish them because we only walk this way once.

Rest in PEACE.

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