Friday, July 17, 2015

Smiles aren't always Smiles

Stick with me for this one because it isn't an easy blog to write. 

Sometimes the biggest smiles hide the most unimaginable pain.  Sometimes people touch your life and you never get a chance to tell them how much they helped you or meant to you. 

In the last 12 months my office has suffered 3 unimaginable losses. 3 young people who left too soon.  1 to cancer and the other 2 for reasons we do not know the answers to the question "why?"

Sometimes there are no answers and we are left with only an emptiness and sadness that can't be expressed.  That's where I find myself today. Without answers.  So I write to say only, your lives were too short.  You smiles too few.  Your gifts too many to be taken so young.  

I don't know God's plan.  I don't know His reason.  I know only there is a hole where once a person was.  A person who smiles and held the door for me when my arms were full.  A person who teased me about the terrible way I park my truck.  A person who was always willing to help a co-worker lift pallets into her truck after work.  

Sometimes a smile hides what's really going on inside.  Sometimes a smile is just a smile, genuine and true.  

Sometimes tears come too late. 

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