Monday, July 13, 2015

What's up, Doc?

Sorry I have been MIA.   We have had a few challenges and some kind of crappy news here and there the last two weeks which put me in a funk and threw my game off.  

Anyhow,  just thought I would stop in with a quickie and share a few things.  

First up, my coop sign.  

The chickens were there for creative consultation throughout the process of turning this old pallet into a Texas flag.  So here is the story.  We built the coop elevated to keep predators out but once we got it up we realized the chickens needed some protection from the elements when they hide under the coop in the rain. Hence the addition.  Then it sat dull and unpainted for months while I fought through moments of lack of inspiration.  I knew I wanted to do a "best little Hen House in Texas" sign.  I mean it was the perfect play on the Chicken Ranch from the musical "The Best Little Whore House in Texas."   So I painted it white and lettered it black and left it for a week before it became clear that the sign was a flag.

So I redid it all, turned it into the Texas flag with the help of the hens, and my husband who cut out a star for me.  I love the finished sign.   (We have 20 chickens and the 2 types you see above total 8 of them but they are the most friendly for some reason and they are the only ones that will eat out of my hand, so far.) 

Saturday my hubs and I met up with 27 friends at the ballpark.  (23 sat with us and the rest we saw during the game) 

My friend Felicia was in town from Oklahoma.

We were hanging with my friends Sandy and Darren and....

Joe telling fish stories?  Only Shelly & Lisa know.  

Hubs is a ham
These are my hubbies hunting buddies.  I was so happy for them to see me in my element for once instead of me in theirs. 

Dennis wasn't here for this picture but his beautiful wife and daughter were. 

Brent and his kiddos!  So good to finally meet in person after talking for a long time!  
American heros...everywhere. 
My friend Janetta and her son and his girlfriend.  Austin is in the Coast Guard so he just got home the day before. 

Okay it was a big group and included some of my favorite Ranger and non-Ranger buddies and I have tons of photos but I think I covered everyone except Larry and his sweet guests from  Australia who I forgot to get photos of for some dumb reason!  

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