Wednesday, August 26, 2015

DIY: chair makeover

Ugly old chair 
A few years ago I got this Broyhill chair from a divorce sale.  The original price tag on it said $500 but I paid maybe $40.   I thought it was a pretty good deal since the chair is super comfy even if the fabric is ugly.   

Right now the chair is in our formal living area and mostly my husband uses it.  (See the dirty hand marks on the arms? That's my man.)   Okay, truth the dog loves sleeping in it too. 

Steps to progress 

Well Sunday I decided I had enough of the chair so I began painting it.   First I looked up how to do it, later I talked to my local guru (if you don't follow Dumpster Diva on Facebook you are missing some pretty awesome stuff).

Before you paint fabric: 

First know that when you are done this is going to feel like a cross between vinyl and sheets.   Next and most important,  don't paint too many coats.  If you have a ugly pattern you are trying to hide get a water based primer and paint it on first.   That's what I ended up doing because it was soaking up my paint.  

If you choose latex paint you will need a fabric medium.  I used Maison Blanche Paint Company Creme De Mint for a few reasons.   First I had it on hand and love the color.  Second it matches the end tables I painted a few months ago.   Well of course it does, that's why I had the Creme de Mint on hand.   (Keep in mind the end tables have been antiqued so the color is ever so slightly different but not enough to matter when the chair is where we keep it.)  

Alright here are the steps: 

If you have a lot of dirt on your furniture lightly clean it with a vacuum and remove any high traffic areas.   

Once you have done this, and assuming your fabric is dry,  you will need to lightly spray water on the areas you are painting.    You can add a little fabric softener in the spray bottle of water to give your fabric a good smell.  (I didn't do this because I used water with a little fabric care spray stuff. It's what I had.).  Don't soak your fabric just a mist. 

Next paint the area you sprayed lightly with water.  Yes it is wet, it is supposed to be.  Primer first and let it dry.  I left it for 24 hours so it was good and dry.  Use a good brush so you don't end up with brush fibers everywhere.  

Once it is dry, paint your second coat. If you primed, this is likely the only coat . you will need other than touch ups.  
Repeat the spray with water, paint the damp area, spray with water and paint the damp area process you used when priming.  

After coat two has dried and assuming you are happy with the color, you can sand.   If it still isn't right repeat step two but I would not paint more than 3 coats.  Too much paint will cause cracking and you will have a cracked vinyl  looking thing.  Unless you really loved cracked vinyl that is probably not the look you want.  (If that is the look, use a crackle medium and do it yourself don't wait for it to happen.) 

Alright so you have your paint dry and you are happy with the look.  Now it is time to lightly sand with the finest sandpaper you can find.  300 or 400 grit is awesome but 220 will do if that's all you can find.   Now this is important: do not sand any of the corners, arms, or curves.  The same thing that happens when you do wood will happen and you will remove too much paint and have that distressed look.  Dust or vacuum once done sanding. 

Once all of that is finished you are ready to add wax.  I used Maison Blanche clear antiquing wax and a sponge to apply. It worked great and gave me a richer look to my fabric.  

Here is the end result: 

Finished product 
I love how it looks with my end table and my dry sink.
See End Table Redo HERE!!

I will move it back to its normal spot but my husband wants it covered with a towel now so he doesn't mess it up.  Smh.

So that's it! What do you think? Would you ever consider painting your furniture? 

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