Monday, August 31, 2015

Popularity in the blog world

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Strange things happen when you live life in the blogging world.   Like...posts you never think twice about start to become oddly popular and you think to yourself, "was I just brilliant that day and didn't know it?"  Sometimes you feel like you wrote something amazing and nobody reads it. Sometimes you write a blog that you feel is pretty decent and people love it.  I don't live and die by my stats but every once and a while I see a trend that makes me think, what in the world?

This seems to have happened with one of my posts and it is strange.

In March 2014 I wrote a blog Reflections of a Single Life: A survival guide.  Don't ask me what has become so popular about this blog, I have no idea.  I remember when I wrote it, my now husband and I were on the verge of becoming engaged in just a few short weeks but we were not yet.  However, I knew the hunt was over.   I also remember I had a single friend (or two?) who was going through a hard time in her life and I wrote it hoping to encourage her. I had come to the conclusion that women are really hard on themselves and she was no different.   I don't know that she ever read it but apparently a lot of other people have.  It has become a consistent weekly hit on my blog.  Do not ask me what about the blog caused it to take off.   I have read it several times.  I like the blog.  It is honest and I still feel it is accurate. 

It doubles my next closest blog, the one I wrote after reading the books on Amanda Knox.   That particular blog brought me a lot of hate.   In fact, I had people sending me messages on twitter for a year telling me how "evil" I am.   I am evil, I guess, because I expressed an opinion that they did not agree with.   My thought has always been that it is my blog and I will blog about what I want within reason. This was about books I read.  Sorry if anyone didn't like what I had to say but that wasn't really my fault.

Now generally speaking, I try to stay clear of blogs that deal with politics or religion and write about things that I loved like the Movie 42.   Mostly because they are safe topics and because nobody really wants to read my opinions on politics even if I actually got a lot of positive response to my blog An Open Letter to the President.

My personal favorite blogs are my DIY blogs.  I love remaking things and turning them pretty again. This is the main reason you can find all my DIY Blogs HERE.  For the most part, you get to see my house redone.  Now really, who doesn't want to see my house redone?  I know I can't wait until it is done being redone!

Of course, the blogs that mean the most to me are all found HERE.  These are the blogs that shaped my life and made me who I am.  The blogs that talk about losing my father to cancer when I was 5 years old, dealing with not having a baby, and of course, falling in love and getting married.

But having a blog that people love isn't why I write, although it is nice to know that I may have struck a cord with someone. and especially nice to think maybe someone was helped.   I write to relieve stress (Stress, who has stress?) and to relieve anxiety!  I write to express myself.  I write because I always wanted to be a writer and I was always encouraged to write by all my professors in college, although I am sure, they never thought blogging was the way to go.  Actually, there were no blogs when I was in college because...I am OLD people!   Still, it is incredibly nice to think that something you said, means something to anyone.

So which blog that you wrote is your favorite and which is the one that is the most popular?  Are they the same?  Did something you wrote become widely popular and leave you scratching your head?


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