Monday, August 17, 2015

Weekend craziness: Kids, Chickens, and food

Spare room in the process of a redo 

This weekend was a blur!  I spent the weekend entertaining 7 kids at my home.  No that doesn't include my husband!   My brother dropped off his 6 little angels and we had ours.   

What I learned this weekend: 
-7 kids are always hungry! 
-feeding 7 kids requires a short order chef degree.  My niece to me:  "Lala you make those sandwiches fast!"  Well, yes I do...I have to. 
-with 7 kids you rarely sit. 
-chickens learn to hide well when 7 kids are running after them. 
-my dogs were exhausted. 
-sleep is a valued commodity. 
-a house full of kids is a blessing. 
-I got so many kisses and hugs! 


All in the family 
Pretty Bird 

Meanwhile super hubs finished building the rail for the fence and Cinderella couldn't wait to check out his work!
I cooked...a lot!
One of the 2 breakfasts-other was pancakes, of course!
This is just 2 samples.

Green cake!
We had my mom's famous green cake which was for my birthday celebration.  It's pistachio and she has been making it for me since I was 7.

Baby chicks
Tired Doxies

My feathered and fur kids got a workout!
big fun
Because there was a ton of this...I did a bunch of laundry!

After everyone went home I spent some time working on my house and redoing my spare bedroom. 
This hutch is going to get a facelift eventually but for now this works.
Which is going to have all my sports stuff.
We will probably replace this bed with a queen eventually.
A sweet friend gave me this sign and I had to move it to the sports bedroom!
For Christmas we plan on getting a bigger big screen for our livingroom so this TV will be gone. 
And eventually I will redo the floors in here. The dogs already started pulling up the carpet on July 4th.  Thank you scary bombs bursting in air! :)

Sadly while I was hanging my Texas sign I had not secures the step ladder correctly and I fell through the thing breaking it and luckily not much more.  I guess I am a try Leo because I landed on my feet.  Unfortunately my lower back isn't happy but it will be ok.  

So the plan for the evening is staining the new railing and trimming some tree limbs and me getting to work on the Blog Challenge Military Wife and Pug Life sent me!

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