Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Finding time...

I realize it is inconsistent when I have time to blog lately.  Blame this on a lot of little things, including not having a lot of free time lately.  

Life gets super complicated at times and right now is one of those.   Work and home just have a lot going on.  

This morning I woke up to a sick pooche. Poor baby.  Doesn't she look sad?  This is my Sadie dog.   I am more than just a little worried about her since she didn't eat last night or this morning.  :( 

I also am in the middle of a kind of cool project which I hope to share with you in a couple days.  Ok, it isn't super huge but it is time consuming.   :) 

School started back up for us yesterday and all I can say is: Thank you Jesus!  I always thought it funny when parents said this until I became a step-parent.  Now I am just happy to not have to worry about having enough food and entertainment for the kid while she is stuck, bored, at home all day!  

Anyhow,  I will get back to a more regular blog when my life gets a little calmer.  Until then if you miss me, know that I miss you too but life got in the way.  

It took me a month (or more) to finish reading "To Kill a Mockingbird" by the way....so see, I am not ignoring anything. I'm just moving slow! :) 

Happy Tuesday!  Now I have to run back to work because I am in the middle of a bunch of interviews and life calls! XO

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