Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween Creep Show!

We are going to the neighbors for Halloween so we didn't decorate much this year.  Every year my office has a Halloween decorating contest.  This year my team is a little thin.  In fact, I have only one rep in the office this Halloween.  We could have just blown off the decorating but we came up with this awesome idea and brainstormed it together.   The Bates Movie theater.  I guess you could say the place is Psycho!  

This is the view entering my team area.  


I'm not going to lie, I have never seen this movie or any of the sequels.   I just don't like horror films so the ones I have seen have been kicking and screaming.  

The rest of these movies I have seen at one time or another. 

The Exorcist: 

My Regan doll is kinda creepy. 

The Shining: 

This one was hard to replicate.  It is the only "movie" that is going to have a living breathing character with the exception of mine.  My rep Zack is going as Johnny, of course!  
Heeeerrree's Johnny: 

We went with bleeding elevator doors...

And my husband made me a Redrum door out of old wood from his trailer.  

An great is this thing?  I am going to have to come up with something to do with it after this.  Think it has cool yard sign written all over it!  


This is the only movie of the 4 scary movies that I love.  This one was easy.  I made the TV and recreated the scene on the poster and we used a graveyard scene to show the house being built over a cemetery.


This is my office and it is full of Twinkies and Zombies.

Me as Tallahassee 

Movie food!

My boss, who's office is next to mine, agreed to be our concession stand.  The stand is run by Norma Bates but you can call her Mother.

Zombie Punch!!!

We also have a pumpkin carving contest later in the morning.  We are doing Regan from the Exorcist complete with green pumpkin vomit.  

So does you office or do you go all out for Halloween? 

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