Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Wednesday Obsessions: Alex and Ani, Magnolia Market, and more

Today I am doing something a little different.  I am sharing things I am currently obsessed with.  Now keep in mind I am in no way a fashion blogger but this is fashion heavy today.   These are just things I LOVE! 

I own a few of these wire charm bracelets (about half are Texas Rangers somehow or another, go figure) and I am totally obsessed with them, especially Alex and Ani's because they are very well done.  I have, over the years, become a bracelet-a-holic.  This goes well with my shoe collection and the handbags I have got to organize before my husband realizes I don't recall what I have and starts tossing things.    These are a few in my wish list.  

I want this in August and March
I love Love!
This has to be one of my favorites! 

Now let me just say for a moment, that my step-daughter has recently become a closet raider and anytime I start to clean out my jewelry box when she is around to organize the thing, she pops in and starts the whole "so, what don't you want?" and trust me if there is anything pink, she snatches it up!  Sadly, for her, I don't own much pink.  I learned at a very early age, Gingers didn't wear red or pink and that has stuck with me.

I love Fixer Upper.  I am a huge Joanna and Chip Gaines fan.  I am trying desperately to come up with a reason to go to Waco to visit their store but here are some of the things I adore! 

Anything that says "I love you to the moon and back".  My husband doesn't know it but this is how I think of us.  

I will probably make my own sign but I love this one!

I don't know how strange it is that my favorite book, probably of all time, is a Dr. Seuss book but this book is one that I eventually buy every child in my life.  I love it so much and this sign might actually be on my "wish list" not because I couldn't make one but because this one is so stinking cool!

Oh, the Places You'll Go is my favorite book ever. 

I was watching an episode of Fixer Upper the other day (that I had already seen about 4 times but I am obsessed with this show!) and I noticed Joanna and Chip had a garden full of these cute little signs.   I started to say to myself, this is what I need for next years garden.   A paint pen and these signs and I will actually know what is planted. (Because let's face it, in the Texas heat trying to save the paper seed wrappers is just not going to work!).   Immediately I started to think, how can I make these.   Low and behold, they sell them!   I adore these things!  I may still try and make some but if not, it is great to know I can get a dozen anytime!
I need a dozen of these things!

Okay seriously, I have a really charming 1970 Ranch Style farm house that has a few additions over the 45 years and sits on about an acre and a quarter of land north of Dallas.  My house has no shiplap.   Trust me when I tell you, that won't stop me from creating the look.  I have the room picked out.  I have the wall figured out.  I just need to get someone in to refinish my original hardwood floors and we need to lay the alternate flooring in the room I want to create the shiplap look in.   (We have a big room that serves as our family room.  It is the old garage that in a prior renovation became a room.  There is a door that goes to the deck in the backyard and this is the wall I want to do this on.  Shh! Nobody tell my husband because I think he might pop a blood vessel.  Anyway, there are a few things that need to happen in between.  If I could just get the floors done, the kitchen redone, and this room fixed, I would be completely done with this house.)   

Anyway, I love this t-shirt.  I don't need a t-shirt.  I have 400 or so, mostly Texas Rangers t-shirts, but I love this anyway!

If you watch, you understand this T-shirt. 
Just an aside here, I admit that while Joanna and I are nothing alike physically: she is thin, with dark, amazing hair,  beautiful, with a sort of boho style I wish I could carry off, while I am chubby (fat), often frizzy haired Ginger, who is just okay looking, and my style is a cross between baseball super fan and camo goddess (thanks to hubs), most of the time.   Anyway, I love her style.  Almost everything is distressed, country, and old and if you have followed my blog or taken a look at any of my DIY furniture restorations, you know I am a HUGE fan of distressed,country and old.   I mean, I own a 1970 farm house for crying out loud.  Besides, Joanna and Chip have chickens and Hubs and I have...chickens!   They have goats, and we are planning on adding goats as soon as we put in a new fence out yonder.  (That's Texan for the back yard).    So see, aside from the obvious fact that she is incredible and I am crazy, we are the same! 

I guess when baseball season ended for the Rangers, I had to turn my attention to something aside from being a super fan.  It happens.  So here is a short list of a few other things I am currently obsessing over:

Wife Swap:  Hubs and I could not sleep last night and we ended up watching a string of these things on whatever channel it is on.  OMG!  We laughed so hard.

Every show on my DVR that I have to catch up on.   That includes Quantico which just has me puzzled and engrossed each week, Limitless which I am way behind on but love, and Heroes Reborn which is just so....Heroes.   Hubs doesn't watch these and so I have to find alone time to catch up. Don't worry, he is sure to go hunting soon without me!

Shows that I am current on but still obsessed:  The Bastard Executioner which has to be the bloodiest show on TV.   It isn't Game of Thrones worthy just yet but it is getting there.   The Walking Dead which just gets a little bit more twisted each season.  Fear the Walking Dead because I seriously started to really get into that one before the what was it?  Six episodes ended.   

Now Reading:
Go Set the Watchman.   I know, I know, there is controversy.  I know the spoilers already.   I haven't gotten that far into the book as yet but I have to say, there is a certain charm to these characters in the prequel to To Kill a Mockingbird, which spills over and you remember how much you love them, even if they changed.   I mean, who doesn't change as they grow older?  I was a very liberal, very love will conquer all kid.  I had these dreams and ideals that nobody could live up to in the end.  Life has a way of beating you down, just a little.  So it beat down some of our favorite characters and time changed them.  Why would that shock anyone?  Time changes everyone.  Not always for the better.  

Okay lovelies, that is is for me today.   Happy Hump Day!

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