Monday, October 26, 2015

It's raining: bake pies!

Top: Pear Bottom: Apple 

I have tried to write today's blog twice.  I have tried and failed.  I have 2 separate subjects that I just stumbled all over and finally gave up.   

So it rained all weekend.  This gave me a lot of time to bake pies.  One Apple and one Pear.   Turns out there must be some genetic predisposition that is handed down to the females in my family.  We have the "When it rains you bake" gene.   My mother was making cookies with my nieces at the same time I was peeling apples and pears.  

Go to the Light Carolann

I also worked on my work Halloween decorations.  Yes, I made a TV from a box.  I even have the paint stained hands to prove it.  I will share more on this later in the week.  Just a taste of what is to come! 

Love how the cups match my kitchen!

I got my new coffee maker in and set that bad boy up.  All weekend long I enjoyed hot coffee.  I love this thermal maker because it is amazing how long the coffee stays hot!  The maker came with the two cups and the coffee grinder too so I feel like I am living large.   

Thoughts: Kids these days! 

  And last but not least, I played beauty shop.   The kid wanted pink hair.  The kid has pink hair. She has the dip look where just the ends are pink.    So, when we were dyeing her hair she says to me "Didn't you ever dye your hair a crazy color?"  I answered truthfully: "yes, I was a blonde for 6 weeks. It was horrible!."  
Just and aside:  it wasn't that I looked bad as a blonde it's that I hated being a blonde.  I was born a ginger and I am ginger to my soul.  I like it like that.  Redder the better! 

So how did you spend your weekend? 

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