Friday, May 27, 2016

Dropped Third Strike: a must read!

Okay y'all I have a treat for you, well really it was a treat for me.   My friend Micah Chaplin asked me to take part in her cover reveal and I was lucky enough to help proof read her new novel before it hit the publishing mark.   Micah is a big baseball fan (Texas Rangers, naturally, that's why we are friends!) and this is the first book in her Portland Pioneer series. (I have read them both and LOVE them!) It is a sweet romance and the characters are incredibly lovable and frustrating.    I remember emailing Micah when I was proofing both books  and telling her, hurry up, I need more, and let me be honest, I was very little help on the proof reading  to her except to express my stupid, silly love for these characters.   Here is a summary of the book. 


Kate Marks is hitting it out of the park as general manager of the Portland Pioneers. Her childhood friend Reid Benjamin is struggling to hit anything at all and, as a result, has suddenly found himself out of a job. When Kate hires him as hitting coach for the Pioneers, she's determined to keep everything strictly professional, but she has underestimated Reid's charm. His proximity has forced her to face a past she would rather forget. Reid wants another chance, but Kate isn't convinced he's changed his game.

Information about the Book
Title: Dropped Third Strike (A Portland Pioneers Novel #1)
Author: Micah Chaplin
Release Date: 6th June
Genre: Adult Romance
Publisher: Self-Published
Format: Ebook

Here is the Goodreads Link:
And you can pre-order the book here:

And just for the record, I already ordered mine and I will be reading it again, because I love it that much. 

For all you music lovers, Micah has another passion besides baseball and that is music and you can read another of her charming romance novels here:

I have this book in paperback and on my Kindle because I am an incredibly spoiled reader! 

Please let me know what you think of this charming book.

Author Info: 

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