Thursday, May 5, 2016

Game of Thrones episode 2

Week Two of Game of Thrones Recap: Warning Spoilers and Sarcasm included.
Bran seems to be mysteriously bigger this season.  Weird how that happens with kids. 
We started with Bran who we hadn't really seen in a year.  He was visiting the past. 

Where he observed his father and uncle playing as kids and saw his long dead aunt.  You know the one that may really be Jon Snow's mom? 

Then we ended up back at the wall where the Wildlinga came to the rescue of the few remaining loyal Jon Snow Nights Watch.  I am pretty sure I cheered at this point in the show.

Until everyone went to visit Jon's still dead self.  Yep...still dead.  They decided to burn his body so the Wildlings were going to collect fire wood.
Still dead 
Poor Jon.  Just an aside here, there were a ton of close ups of Jon and Kit does an amazing job playing dead.  I mean, you don't see him breath. Is this man alive in real life? 
Still dead 
Next we learn Cersi has been banned from attending her daughter's funeral by the king, her son.

Meanwhile Jamie, has a talk with his nephew/son, the king and tells him to visit his oh so loving mother.  Poor Cersi, I mean she is an evil witch but she only has one child left and let's be honest, he is a weak little coward.

Does Ramsay's story remind anyone else of Judas or just me?
Ramsay gives his father a hug of congratulations on the birth of his 2nd son and promptly stabs him to death. Then feeds his newborn baby brother and step mother to the dogs.  Ramsay is the most vial character ever to dominate my TV screen and all I could think when this was going on was, God I hope he dies a truly miserable death.  It is fun to watch him because there is simply nothing off limits but he is so rotten to the core that you hate every breath he takes. 
Still dead 
Meanwhile Jon is still dead and they convince Milasandra to try to bring him back through magic.  This takes a pep talk because she has lost her faith in her visions.   Seems to me, since she was so convinced Jon was suppose to live, she would have figured out that her visions included her bringing Jon back from the dead but nobody had any faith really, except the fans.  We knew, right?
Sleeping peacefully
And the wolf of course who is the only one who never left Jon's side.  One minute he is sleeping peacefully guarding his still dead master.
But who didn't know this was about to happen?
Then suddenly he is awake!
And so is Jon.
And all I could think is "Hurry up Sunday night because I am ready to see what happens next!"

A friend said to me "They should have tried to burn the body and it wouldn't burn."  Given the rumors about Jon really being half Targaryen and half Stark that would have been awesome but maybe it would have been too much of a give away, I don't know.  Still, it would have been awesome.

Mixed in with this was some of "the girl" business but honestly I am not going over it because I am sick to death of the many faces story line and I am starting to not care about what happens to "the girl".  I want Arya to own being a Stark and not forget herself.  The whole thing truly bores me and I sigh when it comes on. 

Sorry it's short.  I have been spending my free time this week fighting with my cell phone company.  Always a joy.  They have managed to suck all
Life out of me!  

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