Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Motherhood and Chicken Motherhood

I had a very busy weekend planting new roses, butterfly bushes and aloe in my new deer planter and installing the lights I got for mothers day in my flower beds 

Plus this happened Monday!  My broody hens eggs started hatching.  So far the count is 4 chicks.  

I also voted for the first time this weekend, in a city election.   I know I should have done this before but this year was particularly important since the incumbent mayor had died but was still on the ballot.  He won anyway, which is incredibly insane.  Nothing about small town politics is small. This story even made the local news in Dallas.    

Also we found out the county might want  to turn the road I live on into a 6 lane highway which would destroy my home.  Needless to say there has been a lot of drama and tears from me this weekend.  In order to fight this plan, the community will have to organize and fight the State of Texas.   Sadly, I have found people in the surrounding communities have absolutely zero concern for the loss my little town would endure should this plan become reality.  Their attitude is "you will be paid fairly for your property so shut up and take the money."  That's a lot easier said than done when it is your home on the firing line.

Anyway,  that's about where we stand.  I'm super excited about being a chicken momma or grandma. 

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