Wednesday, May 25, 2016

What I am not loving and what I am.

I know, I know.   I haven't written a blog in 2 weeks and here I am writing about stuff I don't like.  I apologize.  

Here is what I am not loving right now. 

*Major League Baseball: 
They want to change the rules of the game in an effort to speed up game times by changing the rules of an intentional walk and changing the strike zone.  These are not minor changes people.  They change the entire history of the game drastically.  Currently issuing an intentional walk requires the pitcher to throw 4 balls outside the strike zone and the catcher to catch the balls.  This usually happens very quickly and without problems but sometimes a ball gets away and runners advance.  I hate this rule change proposal which simply requires a pitcher to notify the ump that they are walking to batter and the batter takes his base.   The strike zone is going to be raised above the knee...because pitchers are getting too many strikes called.  What?  This is the same strike zone that has been in effect in pro ball since the beginning of time.  Pitchers are suppose to get strikes and hitters should be able to hit them.  So stupid. 

The Texas Rangers:
No, I don't hate my team but last week they announced plans to replace the current ballpark, a 22 year old beauty, with a new, domed amusement park like complex.  There is nothing wrong with the current park except that they can't retrofit it with a dome and it is hot in Texas.  Well no kidding. It's Texas.  I wish they had built a retractable roof on The Ballpark too but I also love the charm of the current park and while the plans for the new couples are impressive, I can't help but think they are trying to  compete  now with Jerry World next door and not sticking with a traditional ballpark. Meh. 

*My current work hours: 
I am literally away from my home for over 12 hours a day.  I hardly see my husband, dogs, chickens and ducks.  It just sucks.   Not to mention I am working my bottom off and getting nowhere fast when I am at work. Sigh. 

*Social Media: 
I don't know what it is about social media that gives people the feeling they have a right to judge your life but I am over it.  I have quit reading NextDoor which at first I thought was an amazing app to keep people informed of things happening in your area. I have personally used it to reunite a lost owner with his dog.   That made me feel good.  Now people are mad about the lost dog posts!  Plus I keep seeing posts on other social media that say "when a friend is making a mistake that will ruin their life and you can't do anything about it". I hate these posts.  Maybe it's because I have personally been on the receiving end of these "tough love" posts and the reason? People didn't approve of my relationship. You know, the one that ended up with me happily married.  Those people were wrong and instead of talking to me about their concerns they posted on social media about them.  It just drives me crazy. Let people make mistakes and learn from them and keep your opinions where they belong.  In a one on one conversation with your "friend" or to yourself.  If you are wrong, you lose a friend.   Trust me, your friend will get over it. I did.  I just feel sorry for the people posting them.  Someday they will look around and realize that THEY lost. REAL friendship.  

*The Cell phone saga: 
We have been fighting our cell carrier to get things straight for over a month now. Their service sucks and the people are simply clueless about communication.  You know the one that starts with "A".  Well this month, after finally thinking we had it straight we got 2 bills totaling over $825 combined.  I don't know what the heck they are thinking but I will be shopping for another carrier in the fall when my contract is up and ending a 16 year relationship.  So if anyone has recommendations of a good carrier please share! 

Okay that's enough of my complaints. Here is what I am loving:

*Watching my momma hen raise her babies.  Nature is amazing! See the little heads poking out?  There are actually 5 baby chicks but some were hiding under mama. 

*Getting to spend some time in East Texas at our land.  This is one of the ponds.  We work our bottoms off out there but it is so rewarding.  This past weekend we went out to fix the old tractor and get some much needed work in.  We got to spend time with my honey's buddies and we talked about moving out there someday.  Hoping someday is about 5 years from now.  Side note:  the dogs love it out there. They run around for hours and come home and sleep for a day.

And this is a wild rose bush I found growing which I am going to try getting a shoot off for my in town yard.  Prettiest roses I have ever seen!  

We also have wild berries growing and I made a pie.  We keep forgetting to actually eat it but it looks pretty!

*Yu Darvish is making his first season start Saturday and my husband and I will be in the Ballpark to cheer him on.  I can't wait.  I love Yu and I have missed him.  He had Tommy John surgery at the end of last season.  Fingers crossed that he comes back healthy and strong!  

*My husband: 
First he works his butt off day in and day out in a physically demanding job.  For those of you who have never been in a relationship with a blue collar worker, trust me, nobody works harder.  Nobody deserves to be cheered more.  What he does, he loves, but it takes its toll on him physically.  But he doesn't stop.  Because I work so late, he is doing more of the housework.  He has really picked up for me and I feel so damn guilty that all I can do is try and make him feel special on the weekends when we do get time together.  I married right.  I can't express in words how grateful I am to have a good man to come home to, who makes me laugh and who works his tail off for his family.  

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