Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday MIA: BIG stuff happening

Ok I am sorry, I have ignored my blog for....ever but we have been painting like crazy and my house is officially going on the market. Selling a house is like selling a part of your heart and it has taken a few tears and many bags of donations plus cans of paint to be ready to go. It's now my house and not my home.

We are ready to look for our home which is huge and of course that is an additional bit of stress. I know what I want but what he wants isn't exactly the same. I care about a kitchen and he cares about a big yard. I want an amazing closet and he wants....a garage! I mean really, a nice garage? It's a garage! Men are so confusing. A master bath, hardwood floors and granite counters are way more important than a place to put a boat, right?

There is also a small little get together we are having that I had to start planing because, you know, it is getting closer by the day. Invitations, venue, cake, menu, dress, guest list, and maybe a photographer are all done.

I am pretty sure that is actually the least stressful part of my life right now....go figure. Honestly, I shouldn't say this but so far, everything has gone pretty easily.

Right up until I post this blog and everything goes crazy, I am sure. ;-)

Truthfully, I have been so focused on the house the other stuff seemed secondary until this weekend. Suddenly, I am feeling the reality of everything and it is amazingly awesome. I think anytime you start trying on dresses it all becomes very real. I guess since I am not 20-something I approach this more simply but quiet and casual is how I am handling this, so far. Wish me luck!

The house hunting on the other hand....stress with a big, fat S!

So forgive me if the blogs are hit or miss. I will try to keep you updated on the house hunt as we march toward the future. Oh my gosh I feel so grown up! :-)

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