Monday, June 30, 2014

Shamu, Sea World and facing swim suits

We spent our vacation at Sea World San Antonio this past weekend. Actually, we are on the way back as I write this. I am not much of an amusement park sort of woman but Sea World won me over. Killer Whales, dolphins, sting rays, and all the other amazing sea animals and birds are worth the trip alone.

And then there is the water park....
You know, the water park where you get to parade around in a bathing suit in public in front of perfect strangers and play on water slides and get inter tube wedgies and spend half the day thinking 'my cottage cheese thighs are so disgusting, why couldn't women's bathing suits still go to the ankles?' Or 'does that woman know she shouldn't really be wearing a bikini? I can't believe I am actually kind of jealous that she doesn't care.' Then there is always that thought when you see the perfect life guards 'Oh. My. God. I don't think my body has ever looked like that a day in my life! Everything is so firm and tight.'

Eventually, I realized something, I don't care. I was in San Antonio, Texas where I know absolutely nobody. So I did what any good red headed stubborn fool would do in San Antonio Spurs country, I put my Dallas Mavericks T-Shirt on over my bathing suit mostly because my shoulders were burning and because I am a rebel like that...

And said to heck with the cottage cheese and went out and had fun and tried not to worry about how my fat looked when I was riding the rides because seriously, when you are worried about dying, who cares if you look good doing it, right? :-)

If you get a chance, I really suggest Sea World! I want to take a whale and a dolphin home.

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