Thursday, June 5, 2014

To Blog or Quit? Is this thing on?

Have you ever faced this question?

I started this blog for me as a place to share my thoughts for myself. At times it has kept me in touch with friends across the country. At times it as kept me sane. In the time I have had this blog I have made some amazing blog friends and I have lost some friends, in part because of my blog and theirs. Sometimes sharing isn't really caring, not as much as talking it out would have been. Finally, it just stops mattering. The blog has seen me through heart aches and now it is seeing me experience joy.

The blog could go with me to my most happy moments but I am just not sure. I am not the girl with a Wedding Wednesday (no that's not an announcement, yet) and there won't be a baby blog. I do think there is an opportunity there to share what it is like as a 40-something finding love and growing a family because I am not 20. We face way different challenges but, am I up to it? I just don't know.

So the question becomes why do I continue to blog and should I? I don't really know the answer right now. I don't even really know if anyone cares. It's a dilemma. I love my little blog but I just don't know anymore why I blog and if I wouldn't be better served turning my need to write to another formate.

Have any of you faced this question? How did you overcome it? What changed your mind?

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Brittney, Breaking Free said...

Ultimately we blog for ourselves to document our lives. If your hearts not in it then find another creative outlet, but just so you know I read :)

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

Thanks! I was just having a bad day yesterday...I think I am over it! Thanks for hanging with me!! :-)

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