Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sometime Life throws a Curve:Losing Richard Durrett & Life

Last night Rangers Nation lost a one of the best reporters the team has and local media lost a friend but for a family the loss was profound a husband and father of two and a half. Richard Durrett left too soon at 38 and expecting his 3rd child but reading the love his fellow reporters/friends shared for him, the heartbreak of fans who interacted with him and knowing the pain of losing a parent I was reminded again that life is sometimes too short and God expects us all to take the chance every day to be our best and given the opportunity, do it with love. Richard apparently did this, to his credit.

I don't have any profound advice for life that hasn't been said before but I can support a few things that have:

Make amends if you can, if you can't make peace with your past before it eats you alive. Forgive others and forgive yourself.

Take a chance if love comes your way because it may not come twice, it may not show up the way you expect it or in a neat little box and believe me, no matter how many people think you are doing the wrong thing, if you think it is worth it, it is worth it.

Finally, God hears all of your prayers and answers them in His time and His way and while His way may not be the way you expect, it turns out to be just right. I know, because for years I was praying for the same thing and He answered that prayer by introducing me to my best friend and (later) his daughter ten months ago. He was nothing I was looking for and everything I needed. God is funny that way. He knows better.

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