Thursday, June 5, 2014

Love, Lust, and what???

You have heard that saying "Opposites attract"? Well, I never thought much about it but in a way it is true. There are certain things about my honey and me that are so opposite but that is part of the fun and why we work where others didn't for both of us. I'm not the hunting and fishing gal he thought he always wanted but I try and he isn't the baseball first guy I always thought I needed but he tries. He even went to a work function at the ballpark with me the other night and was a huge hit! Everyone loved him. He goes mountain biking with me sometimes, even though that's my thing, not his. We just work well together.

Here is the thing about us, I am your typical blogger-over sharer and he is very private so you don't see me talk about us for a reason...he hates it! I will probably get in trouble for just sharing this much but what the heck. We are happy. It's true.

We met simply as friends last August because neither of us were looking for anything but God knows better. Over time it became clear he was nothing I ever thought I wanted and everything I needed. I share this only because I know a lot of single women who have a list of things they 'need'. Throw it out and trust God to send you what you need.

If I had gone with my "list" I would have stuck with the same guys who broke my heart over and over instead of the one that finally treated me like I was worth cherishing. Just a note, don't discount someone because he seems wrong and don't make excuses for someone who treats you bad because he seems right.

The guys who seemed the most right to me were the ones who treated me with the least concern. My honey teases me that I just needed a redneck to know how a man really treats a lady. Maybe so. I do know this much, once you go redneck you never go back. Lol

As far as these e-cards are concerned they mostly just made me laugh.

A big RIP to Former Rangers and Cubs manager Don Zimmer. I remember him mostly from the Cubbies from the 80's but he was with a lot of teams over the years and was a baseball guy through and through. Baseball lost a great one and heaven got another class act.


Brittney, Breaking Free said...

Youre so right I didnt think me and Mike would mesh well but we do and Im absolutely head over heels in love with him!

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

You have to post a link to your blog. I have looked and I can't find it. :-)

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