Monday, November 9, 2015

Manic Monday Four days in photos: My redneck life!

I used to do a blog updated called Mobile Monday where I dumped a bunch of weekend photos in my blog and shared.  Well, my life is a little crazy right now with home, family, trying to get the house refinanced on a 15 year mortgage, work, work, work, and spending weekends doing man stuff so it is much more like a manic than a mobile.  

These are the last of the babies.  We moved them outside a week ago and released them to the wilds of the backyard Sunday. 

We have been getting between 9 and 12 eggs a day.  Our smallest older hens should be laying this month so we will have 19 layers.   They don't all lay every single day but we are sort of in egg heaven.  Yes those are green eggs, BTW.

I feel like I should admit that it was pouring rain, dark as sin, and country roads are very hard to drive in those conditions.  By the time the kid and I were packed and leaving for the land, we were also tired from a long day.  So, of course, I missed my turn to our land about 3 times and ended up an hour late getting there.   It was horrible.  Needless to say, there was nothing but sleep when I finally rolled in and unpacked.  


The kid and me in the deer stand snapping selfies of course! 

View from my first deer stand of the day. 

It was an early morning and I had no coffee! 

This is the view from deer stand 2 at sunset. 

I love this photo.  I am planning on printing a couple up to hang in the house. 


This is what I like to call my 'bring it on Isis' look.   It was cold Sunday morning but I went out anyway.  

Mostly I took photos, read and slept in the stand.  It was so EARLY!

This is also one of my favorite photos.  Who says you can't get good pictures with an iPhone?

I told you a few weeks ago I am in love with Alex and Ani and I have been sporting them for weeks now! 

Monday started off rough.  My new coffee pot isn't working after a week!  There was an accident.  I forgot my work laptop.  Still, I had my wedding boots on and I just don't care.  I love these things.  They are kind of big but I don't have heavy socks on today.  I need them!  Aren't they amazing?

Lest you think I have gone hunting crazy, I still haven't done anything but read in those stands.  Also, I am planning a Waco trip soon to check out Magnolia Silos and shop.   I am not completely lost to the redneck world.

By the way, who else was just annoyed with The Walking Dead last night.  Please just show us what happened to Glen already.   I am so over this hinting but not confirming things, thing.   Next week doesn't appear to be any big reveal either.

So, how was your weekend?  How is your Monday so far?

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