Monday, November 16, 2015

The Walking Dead: Questions I need answered

I think we have all had a rather trying weekend with current events so I was thinking, we need something to really divert our attention and take our worries away.   I mean, with everything going on in the world, who wants to be serious right now? With that in mind, I found my mind fixated on The Walking Dead.  There are some things that really bug me about this show and I need answers.  Okay aside from the most obvious question,  there are other questions I need answered.   In no particular order here we go.

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-What happened to all the dogs? 
Let's face it,  most dogs I know are smarter than the people I know.   You can't tell me they won't sense the difference between a zombie and a living human.   Where are they?   They are too fast to have not survived.  Have you ever tried to chase a dog?  Come on.  Those zombies could not have outsmarted all of them.  They are slow and stupid.

-Why does Judith barely age but Carl has aged like crazy?  
Did something happen in the zombie apocalypse that stunts baby growth?  Maybe Carl's growth has been sped up somehow? I need to understand.   Why is Carl a bearded wonder teen and Judith still not walking?

The Walking Dead season 5 episode 1 OMG!!!!!! Still crying over Daryl n Carol and Rick n Judith:

-How does Daryl reload that crossbow so fast? 
Have you ever shot a crossbow because I have.  They simply are not easy to pull and load.  Seriously there is some massive pull required with a crossbow and Daryl shoots it off like he is shooting a regular bow.  This isn't the same bow that the Indians used people.  It is hard to pull and you have to aim it in a way that you don't catch your fingers by mistake.   I realize Daryl Dixon is a bad dude but really?

-Where are their clothes? 
It's odd that they never really seem to carry a change of clothes and yet they always have them.  I get that they probably had a stock pile in Alexandria and at the prison but each character has a certain style.  Are they really that lucky to always run into a closet tailor made for them?   Yes, some of the characters had bags on the way to Terminus but they weren't exactly stuffed with a full wardrobe.  You have to assume that they carried what?  Something to sleep in?  Some food?  A bedroll maybe?
-When does the ammo run out? 
I am assuming that they don't have an endless supply because you haven't seen them raiding a police station in a long time.  Eventually, they have to run out.  Is there a bullet maker in Alexandria who haven't met?  What about Daryl's arrows?  Is he carving his own now?

-Why can there only be one?
T-Dog, Tyreese, Bob, Noah,  Morgan,   This is one of the most annoying issues with this show.  I just don't get it.

HECK FRECKIN YEAH seriously stop killing the good ones!
-Why Glenn or Hershel or Dale, or Beth?

Count me as part of the group that accepts that Glenn is gone but why?  Glenn never hurt anyone that didn't deserve to be hurt.  Why is it that every character that doesn't have a serious moral flaw on this show, manages to die?  Hershel, Dale,and Beth are among the moral missing.  Are we to believe that in the end, the world will only be safe for the people who embrace their bad side as well as their good?   Lord knows that Rick and Carol will be safe but who is next?  

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