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Hey, it is almost Thanksgiving and I wanted to do what will probably be my last blog this week because, well, I am going to be cooking, cleaning, and shopping for the next 5 days.    

I'm thankful to have a family who takes eating as seriously as I do. | Thanksgiving Ecard:
I like 100 million other Facebook people, have been keeping up with a 30 days of Thankful status update.  Yippie!  Anyway, I thought it would be nice to share a few things I am really thankful for in no particular order.

*Friends who stick with me, by me, and around.   I posted to Facebook the other day that as I have gotten older, I find I have eliminated more and more 'Friends' from my life because they really and truly aren't friends.    I am glad for the ones I have left who text or call me or who I know I can text or call if I need something.  It is good to have a support system even when you don't need it too often.  

*My husband who isn't perfect.  WHAT?  I said he wasn't perfect....is that allowed?   No it is true.  What's more, neither am I.   Sweet Jesus the whole world will be shocked to know there is one couple who isn't actually perfect here on planet earth.   I know you can't tell from social media...oh wait, this is about being thankful, right?   Well I am truly thankful for him.  I am thankful that every once in a while he says things that truly surprise me like "I love those jeans on you" or "You look nice tonight." or "I am cooking dinner."  Yes, those things are rare but it makes me feel good when I hear them.   

*My family who I don't get to see enough but who I love with all my heart, especially my nieces and nephews.   They are the best. 

*My dogs and chickens who again, are not perfect, but who make me smile.

*My step-kid who drives me insane but makes me laugh when she isn't driving me insane.

*The Service Men and Woman who spend time, energy, and their life giving to us so that we can be free.   I think, given the recent world issues, it is imperative that we recognize the sacrifice that these brave men and women AND their families make for us.   Thank you every single one of you both those serving, those who served, and the families who love them because without you, not only would we all be speaking German right now but we would also all be subjects of radical Islam or some other crazy group of crazies.

New Review: A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving remains a classic! 4.5 STARS  http://www.smartappsforkids.com/2013/11/review-a-charlie-brown-thanksgiving.html:
Alright some totally superficial things I am thankful for, ready?

My hair dryer.   
I could not live without you red.  You are my life.  Okay you are the life of my big Texas hair. 

My iPhone and iPad Mini:
Dear Siri, without you I could not communicate.  I would never get or send a text, buy stuff online, or read a book.  It is true.  I have forgotten how to function without you, sweet, wonderful, amazing Siri.  You complete me.  (Don't tell my hubs!)

I mean, how wonderful is Amazon anyway?  You go online, search for what you are looking for, and 200 other things you don't need, click a button and they send it to your house or office.  If you have Amazon Prime they even ship it in like...2 days, and they give you free books and movies and oh, just so much wonderfulness, it makes my heart jump....right up until the time I have to pay off that credit card each month, but never mind that.

My Pickup:
What is big, orange, and eats gas?  My Ram.  I love it.  I really secretly call it Bevo but nobody but you and I know that.   When I was picking it out and they had only the "Copper" one on the lot, I thought to myself, this is mine.  I mean, I went to the University of Texas so it checks the box for owning an orange vehicle nicely, not that that was every on my bucket list but you can expand, right?

Happy Thanksgiving from Miss Information and some great Christmas Ideas to get your started!

My wish for all of you on Thanksgiving:

Alright back to some serious talk for a second.  We live in a world where we are being attacked from the inside and out and this year has been a hot mess.  I mean, some great things probably happened in 2015 but right now, I can't recall anything that wasn't just a mess from beginning to end starting with internal protesting over everything and anything and ending with internal and external terrorists.   Here is the thing people, all 12 of you (or maybe a couple more) who read this thing I do here each week, BE SAFE, be happy with your gifts because you have them, know you are loved (I love you all even those of you I don't know, which is most of you.) Tell someone you love them and mean it.  Remember those we lost this past year and appreciate the sacrifices we all make just to be together.   Thank the cook.  Enjoy some time outside giving thanks for the world God made.   Remember your furry and feathered friends.  Don't drink and drive or Text and drive.   Spend as much time around the dinner table not fighting as you can muster.   If all else fails, use the Adele method of getting along.   

Happy THANKSGIVING my friends.  

Thanksgiving funny holiday lol thanksgiving humor pinterest pinterest quotes blessings thanksgiving quotes turkey day:

Just for grins and giggles here is my menu for Thanksgiving which will be spent, at least part of the week hunting.  I already started cooking because when you are going to be eating out of doors, you want some of the prep work done in advance.  To be fair, this is the first Thanksgiving I won't be with my mom and brother and the kids.  It sucks but it is what it is.   Anyway, I am doing the bulk of this cooking myself except pumpkin pie which I am politically opposed to cooking. 

Scalloped Potatoes
Corn Casserole (If you never had this it is amazing.  I will post a recipe next week.)
Stuffing not from a box
Stuffing from a box (The kid prefers Stovetop...whatevs!)
Green bean casserole 
Cherry Pie
Buttermilk Pie 
Maybe Rice Krispie Treats 
Pumpkin Pie (Samantha is bringing this)
Summer Sausage, crackers, and cheese
Wine and Beer (not for the kid)
Okay that is what I am making, don't ask me what everyone else is making aside form the below:
Probably a box of Ding Dongs because Harold always bring them.  
Lots of beer and probably some other junk like cookies or something because none of us have big enough butts now and we never met a fruit on Thankgiving that wasn't in a pie. 

Feel free to share with me what you are making, I would love to hear!

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